I am enamored by Ken Jennings, the man who is currently tearing it up on Jeopardy. As of today, he has won 27 consecutive days and $868,960. That is frickin' crazy. According to TVgameshows.net, he is on pace to break $1 million in only five more games. All I can continue to think and say is, "That is frickin' crazy."

I was able to catch the show yesterday and he is spectacular. He wasn't all that far ahead in the beginning, but his wide-ranging knowledge bowled over the other contestants by the end of the first round. On top of it all, he seems to be a gentle, nerdy, all-around good guy.

Dana Stevens, from Slate, agrees. She did a little write-up about KenJen a couple days ago and it does a great job of capturing the spectacle. I think she's spot on when she says we all want to keep watching so we're there when he loses. I imagine it will be like when the Celtics finally lost their ridiculous reign of championships in the 60s -- you'll be upset by the change but a part of you is glad it's over. Also, you have to feel bad for all of these poor saps playing against Ken. They go in knowing they're going to lose.

As of today, I have a season pass (tivo-talk) of Jeopardy and Ken. I don't want to miss any moment. I'll be sure to speak about this more, assuming it doesn't end later today.