First, thanks for all of the wonderful birthday wishes. On top of all the comments left in the previous post, I also got a number of great birthday wishes and haikus over at the West Wash Blog.

In other news, my baseball kick and playing High Heat 2002 with my cousins inspired me to purchase MVP 2004 for my PS2. It's amazing how far baseball games have come in the last three years or so. The best thing is that I can do roster updates, because a number of lineups have changed significantly since the game locked in their rosters on January 15th, 2004. I'll be sure to give a full review in a couple weeks.

This weekend is looking to be action packed. Last night I signed up for a year-long membership with New York Sports Club and I have a free training session tomorrow at noon. Time to tame the mini-gut. Then I'll have frisbee in Prospect Park, a viewing of Born into Brothels at the MTR Television Documentary Festival, then two parties. Sunday I'll hopefully be seeing Kill Bill vol. 2, but will definitely be going to the Brooklyn Museum and to my birthday party at Lazer Park and Cold Stone Creamery. If you'd like to join me and my pals, let me know.

It should be a good time. Now I'm going to eat half of my five dollar burrito from Pacifico, which was an awesome/cheap restaurant (review forthcoming).