First, I am back from Chicago. I was back on Wednesday but didn't really feel like posting. Lo siento to those who came looking for insight on anything.

More importantly, the baseball season has begun. I've been enjoying the first week of games as Time Warner Cable has been showing a free preview of the Extra Innings package, which lets you watch every single game being played. After watching about five games, I'm really tempted to buy the package, but with no roommates who would share the cost with me, $149 is a little steep. Instead, I'm probably going to drop $15 to buy the audio package from, where I can listen to every game this season. No visuals, but a much more reasonable price.

I'm quite excited about the Cubs chances this year. Let's just hope there are no major injuries and our offense can start gelling, which will mean more than two runs a game.

It also seems this will be the first year where I'll put effort into following the entire league. On top of the usual sources (games on TV, Baseball Tonight,, etc.), I'll be reading a few baseball blogs. I will continue to read RBI, but will add the Cub Reporter and Baseball Musings. I'll most likely be talking about this more throughout the summer.

Now, I'm going to enjoy this beautiful afternoon before the Cubs game starts at 7.