Yes, it's been quiet around here lately. Instead of apologizing or whatever, I'll let you know that most of my mental energy has been focused on the Chicago Cubs. I am completely and totally obsessed at the moment. I just called to see about ticket availability for the Cubs/Mets series in September. The difference in time is a little crazy, but then I felt a little dumb when the girlfriend reminded me that this is Shea Stadium, where a game hasn't sold out in something like 500 years. Okay, maybe I need to cool out a little but when your team has won six in a row and given up only five runs during that stretch, I think you're allowed a little excitement.

This weekend also brought us the NFL Draft. The Bears beefed up their defensive line, which is exactly what they needed. I'm excited for next season already. Let's hope Lovie Smith can bring these boys together.

Those are all of the "bear" stories I have for you. Before I go, you should know that 24 is the best show on television and tail lights are capable of spontaneously popping out of your car, causing you to have to get the fixed the following day.