This coming Tuesday there are two very important speeches. The first is really important and the second matters to a bunch of nerds.

1. In Chicago, good old Bushy will be unveiling his new plan to turn around the economy. From what his press dept. has said, it seems to be another dud centered on the rich. The first thing they are doing is cutting out the tax on trading commissions. Supposedly, this will help turn around the whole stock market and therefore help the little people. I'm no economist, but this sounds a lot like trickle-down economics. Ho hum. I guess we will have to wait, see, and hope that Congress is not as foolish as our president.

2. In San Francisco, Steve Jobs will be giving the keynote address at Macworld. There is a ton of speculation at the rumor sites, and it sounds like this one could be a doozy. I'm excited.

Come Tuesday morning, I will be up early watching the keynote and I just might see take a peek at Bush, but I doubt it.