I don't know why I am blogging this because everyone and their brother is doing it, especially the rumor sites. Anyway, here is some of the stuff Steve Jobs is telling us about Apple. (updated live)

  1. Apple introduced a ski/snowboarding jacket built by Burton that is designed to hold your iPod. It has controls on the sleeve, which is sweet. It is $500, which is not sweet. I would consider this if I needed a new ski jacket, but it is steep.
  2. ProTools is shipping for OS X this month. $500. That seems to be the magic number.
  3. Final Cut Express. A toned down version of Final Cut Pro is being released for $300. This is really nice. I may actually pay for this product at some point.
  4. iLife: the name for their suite of iApps.
    • Jobsy is introducing iPhoto 2. Some features: View iTunes song list in iPhoto, One-click enhance, CD/DVD archiving, Retouch brush (stolen from photoshop, but it does rule). It sounds good, but all I care about is better stability and faster performance. We'll see if he says anything.
    • iMovie 3. New Features: Chapters, Ken Burns Effect (still photo stuff), Precise Audio Editing, better integration w/iDVD (which was really needed). Chapters (for DVDs) is a blessing, as I realized very recently.
    • iDVD 3. New Features: 24 new themes (very cool ones, except for Gen Y, which is kinda dumb), all that integration stuff.
  5. Safari. Apple is in the browser business. This is exciting. It smokes IE in just about everything. Very fast is very good. Features: Google in the searchbar, Snapback (lets you return to a main site after checking out a search result), easy bookmark management. It's open source based on the KHTML rendering engine. It's a public beta and has built-in bug reporting.
  6. Keynote. A potential Powerpoint killer. Features: Fully anti-alaised text, alpha channel graphics, guides, tons more. Based on XML, exports into Powerpoint, PDF and Quicktime. It retails for $100. I would have typed it all but there is a lot and I'm eating hot wings.
  7. 17 inch Powerbook. Holy. Shit. Now that is a big screen for a laptop. There is a backlit keyboard (using fiber-optics), 6.8 lbs, built with aluminum alloy (no paint), 1GHz G4, Superdrive, 60GB HD, GeForce 4 440 Go, FireWire 800, and a ton of ports (line-in, finally), built in Bluetooth, Airport Extreme (802.11g, antennas in the screen, much better range). $3300. Shipping next month.
  8. 12 inch Powerbook. 867MHz G4, Combo Drive, 40GB HD, GeForce 4 440 Go, Airport Extreme Ready. $1800. $2000 w/Superdrive. Shipping in 2 weeks.
  9. Airport Extreme. 802.11g, USB Printing, bridging, 50 "real" users.
  10. x11. Apple brings us a way to install the X Windows system on our Mac with a simple double-click installer. I'm installing it to check out OpenOffice on OS X.

A pretty exciting Macworld, overall. The only thing I would have liked is a new Digital Lifestyle Device, but this'll do. I'm trying out Safari right now.