I absolutely love the concept of Netflix. You never pay late fees and you can rent as many movies as you'd like with a flat fee. It's a revolutionary concept. Unfortunately, I have been having problems lately.

In the last month I have had 2 DVDs never arrive at my house and 1 arrive cracked. This is very frustrating as every time this happens I have to waste valuable time shipping/receiving to get a new disc. In addition, I have to wait a week before I can report a DVD missing with any authority. It is getting to be quite a pain. I really hope that this stops soon so that I can resume my unabashed love for this company.

Any other similar experiences?

UPDATE: I just had something good happen. They send you a "bonus rental" when one of your movies is not available from the closest rental warehouse. I just got one and that's good business. Netflix, I love you again. Please take me back baby.