Welcome to the year 2003 at Capn Design. This fiscal year you can expect increased profits, revenues, sales and fluffy bunnies. In fact, fuck it, I promise triple the amount of fluffy bunnies. The bunnies of previous years have not been as fluffy as we've promised, but this is the year we turn things around. Oh, and everyone at the stockholders meeting will get a free iPod.

The only real plan I have for this website that will differ from 2002 is that I am going to add something called Media Intake. I've decided to keep track of every album, movie, tv show and live event I see over the next forever. I'm not sure how well the tv thing will work, but the rest is guaranteed. I want to have a record of all this stuff. That will be up sometime next week, when I have a chance to start a new MT blog or to work out a MySQL database. I should probably do the latter but we'll see how lazy I am. Other than that, I have no plans for this site, but I usually think of something along the way.

On another note, last night's new years festivities were fine. I am not really a "new years kind of guy" so I didn't mind just going to dinner and hearing "Celebration" seven times. Today was a movie day and tomorrow is a shopping/leaving day. Hmm, I think that's it. Happy 2004 (let's skip one for fun, eh?).