It seems that the new section I am planning to introduce will be a bit larger than I had first thought. First, I am definitely creating my own little cms for it because MT won't be able to handle some of the things I'd like to do. This should be fun as I haven't had a new project like this in a while and it should be a good way to build up my skills.

Second, although the information will be only mildly interesting at first, in a few years it will be awesome to see how many times I've watched Seinfeld while doing work on my computer. That reminds me that I don't plan on logging shows while I'm flipping or if it is completely background noise. If something is just on, it will not be noted. (I have been thinking about all the little features and the design. It is fun.)

In the end, this is really more for me than it is for you. Granted, my whole site is in some ways more for me than you, but the reason I am making this is so I can look back and see what I thought about Three Men and a Little Lady when I watched it for the 6th time. Really, it's so I can have a document of how I've spent my time and so that I never forget the name of "that movie with Christopher Guest and Vin Diesel" ever again.*

*that movie has yet to be created, but I would watch it in a heartbeat.