I have spent some time today tweaking things here and there. Here is the list of changes I've made.

1. I am now offering up individual archives in addition to the monthly and category archives. They have also become the primary archive. So, if you are coming to this site via a RSS Viewer, then you will notice the difference. On that note, I added the ten most recent and most recent commented on entries to the individual archive pages because whenever I visit a site that has multiple new entries I like to be able to navigate to the other entries from the page that pops up. So, they are there.

2. The monthly and category pages have changed their format to include more information on the page.

3. I moved the location of the monthly archives. The old files will still work (for now) but will not be updated.

4. I made some changes to the categories. Design and Video Games are their own categories now. I am hoping to make more posts about both of these topics.

5. You can leave comments on Quick Posts (with less effort).

There is more to come, but this is it for now. Let me know if something is broken.