I have been using Apple's Mail app since I installed Jaguar in the fall. I am not a power email user, and I loved the integration with the address book, so it was a good fit for me. More than anything, I was hoping that Apple's Junk Filter would help me clean up my inbox. Junk Mail has become overpowering and I wanted an integrated solution.

For the most part, it has been successful. It catches a lot of the obvious mail and some stuff that I might be fooled by. Still, there are often things that slip through the cracks that really shouldn't. For instance, today I got an email with the title, "Spam: Guaranteed YAHOO lisiting! $15.00 Ea. fcxk," and it didn't get filtered. Also, I've had general emails from friends that got flagged as spam. As a result, I have yet to take it out of training mode and this is disappointing.

I hope that Apple makes it a priority to imrpove the filtering in the next major release because I am just waiting for another easy app to take its place.