Gameboy Advance SP

Nintendo has brought us a brand new toy. This does the same thing that the current GBA does, except it has a light built into it. And obviously, it is shaped quite differently. Personally, I really enjoy the layout of the current GBA and this one seems to be uncomfortable, but the rumormill says that my assumptions are dead wrong. So, I'm going to check the thing out when it comes out on March 28th. It's highly unlikely I'll buy one, as it doesn't do anything mine doesn't do, and it has the same sub-par screen, but I want to take a gander.

More important that my lust, is the real reason behind the creation of this new device. Why does Nintendo need to come up with a new form factor and if the screen were really such a problem then why didn't they fix that? Well, some conjecture that the device may be used as a cell phone or another technological device. That seems to be fairly logical, even though Nintendo has been known to occasionally release dumb hardware. I guess time will tell.

On another note, I will give you more of my opinion on Safari tomorrow. I have used it exculsively over the last couple days and have definitely formed some opinions.