Today, I was reminded of two bits of media that I was in love with not so long ago. Neither of these are my favorites, but they are damn good.

1. Pootie Tang
This movie is just plain hilarious and sounds great in surround sound, which was something I didn't expect. I rented it after hearing some of my dudes saying it was something you wouldn't forget, and that was right on. I am constantly saying random lines from the movie without realizing it. Sign yo' piddy on the runny kine'.

2. The Black Keys - The Big Come Up
This album, believe it or not, came out in this decade. When you listen to this record, you can't help but question the age and race of the two men playing the blues. It is just a great little record that a whole bunch of people seem to be excited about. I think when their new record comes out this year, it will be great. Finally, a garage blues band that is really playing the blues. Go them.