I want one of these. The Honda Element definitely looks like it came straight from Tokyo 2010, but it really packs in a lot of awesome features. There are two design elements (he he) that really won me over.

1. There is an input jack for your digital music player. This means no more FM modulation or tape-to-iPod converters. This is definitely the wave of the future.

2. The way the seats fold up and completely out of the way is amazing. Head to the link above and check out some of the videos and you'll see what I mean. The car can hold 77.1 cu ft of cargo vs 54.3 cu ft on my Ford Escape and the Element is only a bit larger.

There are also a ton of other cool features and I think I'm going to have to give this car a test drive.

Another amazing thing is the Honda Studio E Concept that uses Mac OSX to run a really powerful car/entertainment center. My two favorite companies under one hood. Who'da thunk it.