A month or so ago I was surfing Apple's movie trailer site and came across a movie that I thought was a joke. Literally, I thought someone had hacked into the page and put up a trailer for the absolute worst movie ever known to man. Then I found out I was wrong, and I cried.

The movie I refer to is Kangaroo Jack. I won't even begin to tell you about all of the little things that bothered me; I'll just tell you it's about a kangaroo that steals money from two guys. Oh, and it raps. And it is not very good either. I should have known this would be bad when the Jerry Bruckheimer logo appeared at the beginning. I don't believe this movie could be any good and the only emotion I feel is pity, mostly pity for Jerry O'Connell because I really liked him in Sliders and Joe's Apartment. I feel no pity for Bruckheimer. He is the axis of evil.