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June 2002

This month I posted 20 entries, watched 7 videos.

Some Success

Posted June 26, 2002

Well, working out has not been a bust. As of today I weigh 168, which is 5 pounds lighter than my weight a month ago. Also, I have seen a marked improvement in my running stamina. My goal in this venture wasn't really to lose weight, but to gain some muscle tone and improve my cardiovascular strength. The improved metabolism has been a bonus.

It is something like this that makes you motivated to work harder. I'm also motivated by the chance that my mom and I might be attempting a half marathon in january. It would be an amazing accomplishment and makes me want to run all the time. So go me. I'll keep you posted.

0-1, Oh Well

Posted June 23, 2002

On Friday morning, the US Soccer team lost in the quarter finals of the World Cup. Is it upsetting? Yes. Is it OK? Yes. As much as I had hoped they'd continue on, I knew that the match with Germany was an even one. The only thing that hurts is that the US outplayed the Germans. There was more heart, more hustle and more opportunities, but the Germans know how to win and have been stellar on defense. So, we'll all have to wait another four years.

I am excited to see how South Korea finishes. Yes.

Okay, must go. People are here.

Heaven, I Need a Hug

Posted June 22, 2002

In a decidely amusing moment, R. Kelly names his response to accusations of cunderage sex "Heaven, I Need a Hug." Here is the AP Story.

Heaven, I need a hug/ Is there anybody out there willing to embrace a thug?

Are you joking? I'm sorry R, but I just have a little trouble believing you. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but a picture says a thousand words.

Control Freak

Posted June 21, 2002

Dashboard Confessional 59%
Beastie Boys 8%
Tenacious D 33%

This outcome is incredibly saddening. Oh, and this is for the MTV2 program Control Freak, if you're confused.

New Money!

Posted June 20, 2002

The Treasury Dept. just announced that in 2003 US Currency will be in pretty colors. The shift is a security measure to stay ahead of counterfeiters. That's all well and good, but hot damn! Now we have colorful money!

This is way more exciting than the announcement of the new m&m. (I do not agree with the color choice for that.)

The $20 is first, so get pumped.


Posted June 19, 2002

Today, my aunt and cousin arrive to participate in SOAR. Anaya, my cousin, is coming to school here in the fall and is getting her formal introduction from UW. It brings me back to four years ago when I first arrived here. It was relatively uneventful, but I distinctly remember walking up and down State St. looking at all the cd stores. I knew I was in trouble from the get go.

Here are a list of things that began on SOAR, 4 years ago, and remain today:
1. My love of Madison record stores.
2. My friendship with Eric Clay, who was in my advising group for Secondary Education-English.
3. My avoidance of public dorms, which was unintentional.
4. My amusement from the misfortune of others when it involves drinking (one kid got a ticket for underage drinking. he he).
5. My love for Madison.

Yay for SOAR.

Top Ten

Posted June 19, 2002

  1. South Korea
    Not only do you help us Americans, but you provide highly entertaining upsets. Thanks.

  2. 76°
    I think this is the perfect temperature, for summer at least. Get on that one Ma Nature.

  3. Waferbaby
    A classic website that all should check out for all of its amusing, entertaining and thought provoking material.

  4. Saturn Cars
    Only recently have I been able to appreciate the designs of these cars, especially the new Vue.

  5. Múm
    I found out about this group last year, and they rool. Check out their new album right now. I mean it, now. Really.

  6. In Passing
    A site devoted to conversational snippets overheard on the street or where ever. Interesting, to say the least.

  7. Simon Cowell
    The main judge for American Idol, and also for the even better British series, Popstars. This man is cruel and it makes the show so much better.

  8. Jeepers Creepers
    A true monster movie. No big gore scenes, no big battle scene. There are just monsters, scared kids and a lot of shadows. Oh, and Warren Cheswick is in it. If you know what that means, you rule.

  9. Click to Add Title
    A competition in Powerpoint. The site has an appropriate and clean design and the competition is heated.

  10. Breed All About It
    A newly discovered show on Animal Planet. Rommie and I like this one.

A Bluetooth Solution

Posted June 17, 2002

As I was driving back from Chicago this afternoon, an awesome idea came into my head. People, especially Jannelle, have complained for years about drivers' inability to "communicate" with people who cut them off or let them in. A wave or a middle finger just isn't enough. Jannelle thought we should have LED signs displaying messages like "F**k you you f**ckin' motherf**ker!!" or "Thanks," and I think that would rule. But, I want you to picture this.

Imagine every car was equiped with a bluetooth transceiver (this is like WiFi aka wireless networking) that connected with a communicator (essentially a miniature computer) built into the dashboard. This would allow you to communicate with any car within a certain radius. Each car would have a name connected to their unique license plate number and there would be a "buddy list" of nearby cars. Then you could have some canned phrases to send to those around you or let your passenger type in a message.

This technology would also have less trivial uses. For instance, when you see a hot girl/guy in a passing car you could send them your digits. Really though, if the cars were also equiped with a GPS, which all will be at some point, then you could check out how far ahead the caravan is when you had to pull over for an emergency bathroom break. Oh, and you would of course be able to talk to any of these people via a built in two-way radio, if they accepted your call.

This would be amazing, even if it would lead to a gajillion accidents. Would you guys ever want something like this?

Goala Goala Goala!!!

Posted June 13, 2002

Does anyone want to get up at 6 and watch the US World Cup match with me? Please? We'll have a great time, I promise. I'll provide the snacks and such.

Love, Matty.

UPDATE: The US lost, but they are moving on thanks to South Korea. I will DEFINITELY be watching the next game vs. Mexico on Monday night at 1:30am. Who's in this time? Come on, much more reasonable hours.

Everybody Runs

Posted June 13, 2002

Today's Editorial on The Morning News is hilarious and spot-on. It's a behind the scenes look at the creation of the trailor for Minority Report. The writer really gets it right as he talks about "In a world...", "WF-ABS [White Flashes with Accompanying Blasts of Sound]", and "OLG [One-Liner with Gun]". Pure hilarity.

America v2.0

Posted June 13, 2002

One of my favorite little weblogs suggested 10 ways to improve the US. Here are a couple highlights.

4. Keep disliking the French. They're so damn irritating and only the French like the French. Keep importing and mispronouncing croissant (i.e. kras-sant). Yummy.

8. Give the Statue of Liberty to U2 for use in their next world tour. Take that American Flag lined jacket away from Bono, cause he's about to trade up and it's not a good idea to have a national symbol being sweat upon. Throw in the Ghostbusters, from the second movie, as an added bonus.

10. Demolish the American two-party political system. Instead, push for as many different parties as possible with a target of, say, thirty-two. Instead of voting on "Election Day" have Simon Cowell create a new television show called 'Presidential Idol' whereby the nominees are stranded in Iowa and have to survive without soft money, BBQs, or campaign staff. Cross fingers for a total Lord of the Flies style showdown.

Tremendous Twelve

Posted June 13, 2002

I had a late night yesterday, that culminated in a trip to Perkin's. At Perkin's, I had the Tremendous Twelve. It was an amazing combination of deliciousness and nausea.

I will never/definitely do this again.

Crotch Rocket

Posted June 11, 2002

Yesterday, as I was coming back to Madison from a weekend at home, I noticed two guys pulling onto the highway on a crotch rocket. Motorcycles are a very masculine mode of transport. So, when I see two guys hugging each other and trying to look tough, I think it's amusing. In their heads they're thinking, "We're tough, we're on a fuckin' motorcycle. It goes really fast and we're not wearing helmets." What I see is two guys hugging.

In honor of this moment, you should all listen to Fountain of Wayne's song "Leave the r" f rom their self-titled debut. A nearly perfect song.

Top Ten

Posted June 11, 2002

  1. World Cup
    Soccer is incredibly exciting. No other sport excites me the way you do, soccer.

  2. This is a Magazine
    An online (monthly) and print (quarterly) magazine that focuses on illustrations and photography, as well as art in general. A very cool issue.

  3. Tivo
    Thank you graduation. I really do love this little gizmo.

  4. Gilmore Girls
    The voice of this show is incredibly unique. I'm going to keep watching. If you think I should do otherwise, say so in the comments.

  5. Bowling
    I will now be bowling every week. Yesterday I bowled a 143. Fun times.

  6. Burntsienna
    My friend Elizabeth redesigned her site. She knows what she's doing and keeps a nice blog. Oh, and her photos are super dooper.

  7. Working Out
    As I've mentioned in the blog, working out is a new part of my week. Three times in fact. It's tiring, but my body will be happier.

  8. Tigerland
    This and Black Hawk Down are two of my favorite war movies released recently. My faith in Joel Schumacher is restored, since it was questioned in Bad Company.

  9. Chile Rubbed Salmon
    The best meal I've had in a while. Additionally, it restored my faith in the restaurant from which it came.

  10. Mandy Patinkin
    His name just rolls off your tongue. I've never heard his music, but his name is great..

We are going to pump, you up.

Posted June 8, 2002

After four years of neglecting my body and putting on the pounds, I have started working out. This is good for me. I was going to say something about it earlier, but I didn't jinx myself. I've been about 4 times in the last few weeks and I'm starting to get on an every-other-day schedule.

Right now, it is incredibly painful. As I told Jannelle on Thursday, my boobs hurt. Thankfully, they don't hurt right now but I do suspect they will hurt again tomorrow. One thing I'm proud of is that I have been able to run between 2.5 and 3 miles each time I've gone. I thought I would run about a mile and then collapse, so I was pleasantly surprised.

With any luck, at the end of the summer my friends will be calling me Matty Schwartzenager and I'll be be pointing everyone towards the beach.


Posted June 6, 2002

Despite personal concern over the Bears difficult schedule next season, ESPN seems to think things are looking up. It won't be easy, but if they can get their passing game together they might do some serious damage. I really can't wait for the next season. Only a couple more months and then I'll be enjoying my favorite sport once again.

Luckily, the NBA finals will be tiding me over for the next couple weeks. The first game was pretty exciting last night and I am convinced that Jason Kidd is amazing. He singlehandedly kept the Nets in the game last night. Unfortunately the Nets are committing the same offenses as the Kings. Poor free-throw shooting and missed opportunities. I think Friday should be a big game. The Nets really need a win so that there isn't as much pressure when they go home.

Watching the games will be much easier next week as I will have one of my graduation presents hooked up. It totally changes the way you watch sports. A basketball game takes just over an hour to watch.


Posted June 4, 2002

I am in Madison and summer has officially arrived for me, even if the weather hasn't jumped on the bandwagon yet. My long-term travels away from my apartment have ceased and I can begin my search for a job and then my search for a career.

I had an interview for a summer internship yesterday and it was not as fruitful as I had hoped. It seems as though they may not need an intern this summer and I'm not sure that I am qualified for the job. I feel that I would learn a great deal there and that I could certainly be of help, but they are more in need of a designer than a codemonkey, and I've been told they have quite high standards. Also, my personal style doesn't seem to jive with what they've got goin' on. So, that is all up in the air. As a result, I begin my backup job hunt tomorrow. It will involve walking up and down state street looking for work. If you know of someplace that's hiring, I'm your man.

As for the career status, work on my online portfolio begins this week. I will also begin looking at and similar job listing sites once a day. Hopefully something interesting will pop up. Again, if you have any references, let me know.

In addition to these activities, I will be taking the LSAT and the GRE, taking a lot of photos, reading and continuing my movie going experience. If nothing else, this summer will be full of motion.

UPDATE: I did not get said internship. Now I do need a job.

Radio Show

Posted June 2, 2002

If I haven't told you, Timmy and I will be doing a radio show (yet to be titled) on Wednesday nights from 5-6. Drivetime baby. It is officially labeled music talk, but we are hoping to do some interviews, a few reviews and a bunch of gossip that will be ripped almost directly from buddyhead and pitchfork. He he. Truth be told, I'm getting a little nervous. It's my first time on and this is my first show and not just a bunch of record playing either. Hopefully, it'll be good.

Here's a call out to future listeners: what albums should we review? Any ideas for segments on the show? I was thinking maybe going around madison and asking people what they think about the madison music scene. Sound good? Shoot any ideas to the comment section.

Things to do when you're cold

Posted June 1, 2002

1. Put on pants.
2. Put on a sweatshirt.
3. Stop eating ice cream.

Top Ten

Posted June 1, 2002

  1. Phaidon
    I received my second book from this amazing book publisher yesterday. They have impecible quality and content. Go them.

  2. Airbag
    One of the most elegant weblogs around these days. It's also sanctioned by Grandmaster Zeldman, so you know it must be impressive.

  3. Other Music
    This is my favorite record store in NYC. It is right near the NYU campus and I ended up spending a lot of time there when a took a film class a few summers ago. If you're into "other music" you should check it out.

  4. The Dismemberment Plan
    I wish my friends would stress that certain records are amazing. I just bought Change and it is amazing, really.

  5. Netflix
    I will never pay late charges on movies again and that is a wonderful thing.

  6. Football
    This is the best sport in the world. I love playing, virtually playing and watching it. I do love the Cubs, but I love all of football. I love you pigskin.

  7. NPR
    I've given up on commercial radio for now. Too many commercials, too much suck. So I am listening to Wisconsin Public Radio and enjoying NPR broadcasts and classical music.

  8. Brendan Benson
    Thanks Sleeve. This is a truly great album.

  9. Puppies
    Who doesn't love puppies? Exactly.

  10. My Har-Mar Shirt
    This has been in my sister's closet for over a year. Funny thing is, I hadn't thought about it until a week ago. Craaaaaaazy..


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