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March 2002

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I love Joel Cairo.

Posted March 31, 2002

I love Joel Cairo. The Maltese Falcon is one of my favorite movies and Joel Cairo is the funniest character. It is partially the way he looks but it's mostly his demeanor. The actor, Peter Lorre, is in a number of other big movies (Casablanca, The Man Who Knew Too Much) but his performance here is great. His character has a nondescript accent and a worldly way to him. I attribute it all to the directing. The movie is very melodramatic and Joel Cairo embodies the theme. Just go see the movie before I keep rambling.

p.s. It's also a very strong performance for Bogart. This movie's Bogeylicious.

Get yr Eels on.

Posted March 31, 2002

Get yr Eels on. I am back and I am back. By that I mean I have already been home and now I am back in Madison. Capice? Capice.

Being home was nice but brief, the highlight being The Eels show last night. It was their first time back in Chicago in 5 years and the first time I had seen them. They are arguably the most interesting band on Dreamworks (if it weren't for Andrew WK I would have said "major label"). The show was the perfect blend of new/old and was kicked off with the best cover I've ever heard, Get Your Freak On. Ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous: Virtua Fighter 4. I just might buy it.

It's too bad break's over but it means I'm that much closer to finishing school. Time to write some Emmie articles.

San Frantinued.

Posted March 27, 2002

San Frantinued. Here are two things that I loved from this trip, both related to the 80s (and a third, having nothing to do with the 80s).

1. On Monday Jessi and I got lunch at Max's Diner. It was nice and all, but the kicker was all of the amazing 80s music. It was a typical diner, nothing special, but the music made it wonderful.

2. Today I originally went to this paper store to try and find a planner, but couldn't find anything. They told me to go to Japantown and look around, so I did. The store where I found my planner was great. It was in this little mall and it had tons of kitschy stuff, but some really cool paper. It also had a kicker--I left the store to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'." Woh-tastic.

3. I took the bus today because I always feel the need to take a bus when I'm in another city. I love bus rides, especially in big cities. Also, public transportation is always a great way to see the real people in the city. Good things to see when you're thinking about moving to the city.

San Frantastic.

Posted March 27, 2002

San Frantastic. I am in my final day of vacation, which is fine because I've had a good time. San Fran has been good to me.

On Monday we went to Amoeba Records and bought a few too many CDs, but it's ok because we're on vacation. The two I'm most excited about is my B. Fleischmann and Yuka Honda discs. They'll make more a good plane ride home. We also cruised around Haight/Ashbury and bought some HaOF t-shirts. The evening was Ben Folds and the solo show was way better than I had hoped.

Yesterday was a trip to Stockton, CA to check out UoP for my sister. She's in the homestretch in the college search. It was a nice campus, but not my thing. Last night: sushi. Oh yeah.

Today was the obligatory trip to Fisherman's Wharf and then In-n-Out Burger, the best fast food joint in the country. Since my sister was illin', I dropped her off to find a new planner and do some general clothes shoppin'. I also managed to pick up a copy of the Andrew WK disc (I couldn't resist having that cover).

That's about it. Time for pasta now. Airplanes tomorrow.

SF Stationary

Posted March 24, 2002

SF Stationary. This is a call out for those who know about San Francisco. Do you know of any good stationary/paper stores? I've decided I want a planner. I'm sick of using my palm pilot for a calendar (since I never do). Any suggestions?

Bye bye Chicago.

Posted March 23, 2002

Bye bye Chicago. The more I think about it, the less I want to live in Chicago after school's finished. It's not that I don't love Chicago, because I do. It's about going somewhere new and starting afresh. I have lived in the Chicago area, or at least been really close, all my life. It's time to branch out and try some new things.

It's a toss up between Boston, New York and San Francisco, in alphabetical order. When I get to SF on Monday I'm going to do some serious looking around to see what I think. Actually, I know I'll love it there it's just that it's so far away from home. The benefits would be a strong tech industry, the city, close to grandparents, close to skiing, close to uncle.

I could go on thinking/typing out loud, but I'll give it a rest. The point is Chicago has suddenly moved from the top to the bottom of my list.

Friday Five.

Posted March 23, 2002

Friday Five

1. What is your favorite time of year? I really all the seasons. Each serves a purpose. So I think my favorite time is when the seasons change. I love getting in the pool for the first time, the first snowfall or the first fall sweater.

2. What is it about your favorite season that, well, makes it your favorite season? I pretty much answered this one, didn't I. I just really like change, new things.

3. What is your least favorite time of year? Why? I'd say when it is ridiculously hot during the summer. No one likes being sticky (ok, some people like it).

4. Do you do anything to celebrate or recognize the changing of seasons? Nope.

5. What's your favorite thing to do outside? Ski. Without question. When I'm flying down a mountain with the wind in my face, carving turns, it is awesome. It's like boobies, but not really at all.

When I'm Old.

Posted March 23, 2002

When I'm Old. When I'm old I want an RV. I've realized this very recently, but it's not too shocking. I love driving and I hate paying $40 for crappy hotels.

The real kicker is the RV lifestyle. There is a certain comraderie that goes along with being an RV owner; something unlike any other kinship. If I got one though, it'd have to be the biggest, best one because I know that it is a big point of pride to have the biggest. I don't want to be the guy who has the little dinky one that sits in the bed of his pickup. I want the Airstream that's stocked to the gills with every creature comfort (note: all posts while away will include the this phrase once). It will rule and other old people will love me.

If you want to be cool like this now, check out this model from Airstream. It's IKEA-ized. (via What Do I Know?)

Old People Galore.

Posted March 23, 2002

Old People Galore. I have entered the land of the powered scooter. I am in Palm Springs visiting the gParents and soaking up the sun and the smell of talcum powder. My sister and I have determined that in order to live here you have to either be 61 or 16. There is no one in between.

We happily accept the age situation because it gives us less distraction from the creature comforts my grandparents provide. Best feature = home theater. They have la-z-boys and a hot couch. I don't even need a bed -- just give me the couch. Today I went and bought some DVDs to compliment the experience. Zoolander, Belly and Full Metal Jacket. I will try them out tonight.

More posting tomorrow. I'm going to venture into the downtown area and see if my 61/16 hypothesis is actually true.

Bye bye.

Posted March 21, 2002

Bye bye. I'm off. I have finished my midterm and I am done with school for the next 11 days. Man, Cali here I come.

(I am a dork)

iPod for me.

Posted March 20, 2002

iPod for me. Apple just unveiled a new 10gb iPod, and I plan on making a push to get it for my birthday next month. I'll have to combine a lot of family presents, but it's worth it.

What pushed me over is the built in contact list. I've been realizing that the Palm Pilot I have goes largely unused. When I do use it, it is just for contacts because I find it difficult to enter a lot of text into the device. So, now I can ditch that (ebay here I come) and get a paper-based datebook to use in conjunction with the iPod. Oh yeah.

Paper time.

F**ckin Sh*t.

Posted March 20, 2002

F*ckin Sht. Next week I will be interviewing, if all goes according to plan, two ridiculously amazing bands.

The Eels Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Now you understand the title of this post.

On another note: I cannot wait any longer for MT2.0. Come hither.

Burn Baby Burn.

Posted March 20, 2002

Burn Baby Burn. Summertime is the birthplace of the mix. If you’ve never made a mixtape for the summer, then you are crazy. Luckily, you can make up for the error of your ways by participating in Burn Baby Burn! You make a mix and send it to five people and you will receive five different mixes in return. A swell plan and a great way to get summer rolling.

Wheel of Fortune.

Posted March 19, 2002

Wheel of Fortune. Congratulations! You have been selected to attend a WHEEL OF FORTUNE contestant audition in your area! We have reserved the following appointment for you…

Yes, it’s true. I have been chosen to audition for Wheel of Fortune. It’s the weekend of the Film Fest though, so I am torn. I’ll have to mull this one over.

What do you think? Should I audition?

Resident Evil.

Posted March 19, 2002

Resident Evil. Last night I went to see Resident Evil and I have mixed feelings. It was entertaining, but the some stylistic choices were a bit off.

I have two major complaints and the first is the music. They worked too hard trying to create some great techno beats. I think the musicians were pulling a 2.0 GPA from the Dust Brother School of Electronica. The music rarely fit the scene very well. Also, it was used gratuitously. They only time there was any silence (well, ambient noise since there was zero silence in this film) was in the few seconds before something jumped out or a hand moved, which brings me to my next point.

The game is constantly surprising you with new things jumping out and scaring you throughout the game, which is expected. The movie does the same, which is not ok. To pack the same number of surprises in 2 hours of viewing vs. 10-20 hours of gameplay is, once again, gratuitous. When you overload on surprises you get the audience looking for the next big shocker and after the first couple it is no longer scary.

My other complaints aren't specific to this movie but to the suspense genre in general, so I'll spare you.

I did think this was one of the better translations of a videogame, if not the best. Mortal Kombat may have been popular, but it was not any good. Tomb Raider was a waste, and Final Fantasy was cool looking but supposedly boring. It's only a matter of time before videogames take the place of movies in the eye of popular culture, which is something I would love. Games are more communal and then the film industry wouldn't be as concerned with a bottom line. I digress though, because this is an entry unto itself.

My final point is related to something John Waters said. In this interview he said that hollywood movies would show explicit sex within 10 years. Well, in Resident Evil we get a money shot of a shaved Milla Jovovich. It's not direct, but it's obvious and (dun, duh dun!) gratuitous. If I were a betting man I'd put my money on John Waters' statement.

Photos pt. 2

Posted March 19, 2002

Photos pt. 2 All this talk of photos has got my juices flowing. Thus, the photo site will soon be redesigned to flow with the current layout. I have the layout done but I am waiting for the release of MT 2.0 before I implement it. I don’t know for sure what functions will be added with 2.0, but I do know multiple categories will be involved, which should be important.

Look out.

Interface Design Overthrow.

Posted March 18, 2002

Interface Design Overthrow. The fine folks at 37 Signals have taken the liberty of redesigning FedEx's online shipping form. They were frustrated with the process and decided to use it as an example of good design and their prowess, which is mighty. It's a well thought-out concept and worth a look for any would-be, could-be designers.

Thin Mints.

Posted March 18, 2002

Thin Mints. Thank God they’re not toxic because I just ate a whole box. Burp.

Give me art!

Posted March 17, 2002

Give me art! After roaming through Etherfarm’s Gestalt, a collection of his photos, I’ve realized I need to be taken photos a lot more often.

There is just something about great photography that hits me harder than any other kind of art. I think it’s the ability to capture an actual event at the perfect angle or moment. You can alter real life a bit through your camera, but for the most part you have to deal with what you’re given. It’s not that photography is more challenging or even consistently more interesting; it’s that it’s real.

I feel awkward saying that because I always criticize reality tv and people who prefer a story that actually happened. Photography is finding a moment in life that no one else sees and capturing it. If painting or any other kind of art could replicate life as closely as photography I would probably give that a shot too. (This is probably why I like Chuck Close and other photorealistic painters).

I don’t really have a conclusion to my vision of photography, but I just need to get back to taking more pictures and I think once I get into a big city I’ll start up again. Or maybe I just need to do a few photo safaris in Madison. If anyone is up for one let me know.

San Fransisco.

Posted March 15, 2002

San Fransisco. I am going to San Fransisco in 6 days. I have some questions for you.

What are some good record stores? book stores? Where should I go? What should I do?

Thank you.

Friday Five.

Posted March 15, 2002

Friday Five.

1. What’s your favorite animal? I’ve never really been a big animal person, mostly because my family never had a dog/cat in my conscious years. So, I’ll have to go with dog. Man’s best friend/slipper-getter.

2. What pets have you had in your lifetime? I had a dog when I was really young, and I don’t really remember him. The next pet were fish. I’ve had a lot of fish in my time but never really liked them that much. I had a chameleon, which was right after we had learned about them in science class. That was fun but he wouldn’t eat. Finally, I had a great dog for about 9 months. Her name’s Cleo and she’s a portuguese water dog. Sadly we had to give her away because my dad’s allergies were unbearable.

3. Is there any specific pet that you’ve wanted but never had? Why? I think it would be interesting to have a cat. I’ve never lived with one but I like the idea of having a pet that won’t automatically love you or won’t just sit there. I like independ-pets.

4. Are you allergic to any animals? As far as I know, I’m not. I could be wrong.

5. Do you have any ‘pet’ pet peeves (your pets or others’)? The main thing that keeps me from getting a pet is the peeing/pooping on the carpet. I don’t like the idea of that. Also, I can’t stand squaking birds. Just plain annoying.

Wall Street Journal Matty.

Posted March 14, 2002

Wall Street Journal Matty.

me, wall street journal-ized

This image was made at Flash Face, a flash interface that lets you be a sketch artist. My face is a bit cockeyed, but you get the idea. I tried to make rodblestilskin first, but I couldn’t find the hair.

Apocolypse Cracksmokin'.

Posted March 13, 2002

Apocolpyse Cracksmokin’. Thanks to Miller for this link. So, Bush pt. II is going to kill us all. According to this article at CNN Bush is more concerned with Saddam than anything else and plans to use Nukes if necessary. The nukes are old news but it has been scaring the fuck out of me, so it’s time to write. Here are some quotes with responses.

Bush also said he is “deeply concerned about Iraq and so should the American people” because that country is run by Saddam Hussein, a man who killed his own people with chemical weapons.

I can’t help but think he is pissed his dad screwed things up for him and wants revenge. I also can’t help but think that Bush II is a 7th grader stuffed in an adult’s body.

“We are at war to keep the peace,” Bush said, comparing the war on terrorism to World War II.

Oh, super. Another World War II is exactly what we’re all looking for right now. I know he wasn’t referring to that part of the war, but it’s a little hard to forget.

On domestic issues, Bush accused a few senators of “standing in the way of justice” for blocking the confirmation of his judicial nominees.

I’m sorry, but how far is he going to take this? I can’t believe he would play on the country’s vulnerabilities to pursue his own ends. The whole point of a democracy and the system of checks and balances is to have the ability to question other people’s decisions. Fuck him.

Those were the real winners. Man, I though the country would be able to ride out these four years without much going on, but I was wrong. Now I just pray we’re still in one piece.

The New Emmies are In.

Posted March 13, 2002

The New Emmies are In. The site will be updated on monday with all the new content for those of you who don’t have access to physical copies. Snap.

Today was a good day.

Posted March 12, 2002

Today was a good day. I have 2 of 4 assignments completed that will need to be done before spring break. That is refreshing. The troubling part is that the two tough ones are still coming up. I’m nervous but I’ll make it. I have a week to do them.

I just spent about an hour talking to Spencer and it was much more productive than studying. Yes, I had some reading I should have been doing but I needed to recharge with a good meal and some entertaining conversation.

Tonight I will do some reading (or so I say) and then watch Blood Simple, the first Coen Bros. movie. I’ve heard it’s good. That reminds me, I’m going to start having a piece of my sidebar depicting my ongoing consumption of movies and music. It will be more for me than you.

Time to surf. Surf’s up.

Is Billy Bragg fun?

Posted March 12, 2002

Is Billy Bragg fun? Yes. His newest album has some really fun tracks on it. I always knew he had some fun in him, as shown on the Mermaid Avenue albums, but this is the most fun I’ve heard on a solo album. The collaboration with Wilco has done him some good.

Don’t worry though, he’s still singing the worker’s song. Go union go.


Posted March 11, 2002

Woh. A few days ago I mentioned that a bunch of emmie stuff won the ACUI design competition. When I found out about this I thought that it meant that we won the regional contest again. Cool, but that’s all. Today I found out these won the International contest. Oh my. It’s just plain ridiculous if you ask me. Supposedly we were up against stiff competition too.

Way to go everyone involved. A clean sweep for us.

Top Ten.

Posted March 11, 2002

  1. The Osbournes
    The best thing on MTV in as long as I can remember. I am no longer ashamed to to watch a reality-based tv show.

  2. Six Feet Under
    HBO is doing things right. This series is one the main reasons I watch tv.

  3. What Do I Know?
    A blog from a really good designer who always has poignant things to say. I especially like his analysis of the design world.

  4. The Promise Ring
    People claim their new album sounds like Wilco. It does and it is off the heezy.

  5. California
    I will be heading to this western state over spring break and I am ridiculously anxious. I'll be seeing the grandparents and visiting a college with my sister.

  6. Office v.X
    Microsoft claims it is the best version of Office available for any platform. Damn skippy.

    Another weblog. The author recently got fired because of her blog and there's been some interesting discourse. Also, she is entertaining in a non-work related way.

  8. PHP & MySQL
    A lovely combination of technologies that has consumed my life this weekend.

  9. Spring
    Probably my favorite season. I love watching everything bloom and people come out of winter depression (note: link is absurd)

  10. Sony PEG-NR70
    A PDA nearing release from Sony that is just a work of art. One of the coolest looking digital devices I have seen. It's usefulness, along with all PDAs, is still being deliberated.

The Promise Ring.

Posted March 10, 2002

The Promise Ring. Our fine emo-tastic, indie rockin’ friends the promise ring have a new album coming out and it is pretty rockin. Past reports have indicated the new sound is heavily influenced by Wilco, and that’s spot on. The album is a good time and their most mature album to date. I love the old TPR but this is head and shoulders above the past albums.

MTV's best reality show.

Posted March 9, 2002

MTV’s bext reality show. I’ve never been a big fan of Real World. Occassionally I’ll get sucked in and watch a few episodes in a row, but that’s all.

Finally, they have a reality based show that is entertaining. The Osbournes. Essentially, they follow Ozzy Osbourne and his family around their house and all the places they go. If you just replace all the annoying people in the Real World with the Osbournes, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m still watching my first episode now, so I can’t give you all the details but you need to check this out at least once.

Mission SoPossible

Posted March 8, 2002

Mission SoPossible. According to this article David Fincher is rumored to be the director of the next Mission Impossible movie. The first two were entertaining, but this would make it a bonafide, interesting film. Could you imagine Tyler Durden as the leading character in Mission Impossible? Way more entertaining.

Blah Blog.

Posted March 8, 2002

Blah Blog. I’m just not feeling like blogging this week. I actually have other things to do. GASP Yeah, I’m busy.

One thing to note: Emmie and Club 770 won 1st prize awards in the ACIU design contest! Jenny rules and I help to rule, occassionally.

A "triumphant" return.

Posted March 5, 2002

A “triumphant” return. I put triumphant in quotes because it was not triumphant, I just decided that it sounded good.

It’s been a long weekend and I’m ready to give you a rundown. Here goes.

As mentioned, I spent the weekend at snowball. No question, it was amazing as usual. Also, it was my 10th snowball. I received no gold watch. My only true complaint is that I got the flu on Saturday. Thank God I am not prone to tossing my cookies because I think the average person would have at least once. Maybe twice. Instead, I proceeded to eat nothing and feel very woosy until Sunday, which was a fair alternative. After snowball ended Saturday I went home until Monday morning to let mommy take care of me and get some serious rest.

While home I saw Moulin Rouge and Monster’s Ball. Here are two brief analyses of the films. The Rouge: Romeo and Juliet with a facelift. The Ball: Dark, exqusite, disturbingly poignant. I also watched the first episode of Six Feet Under’s new season, which was up to par.

The highlight of the weekend for me was all of the snow. The beauty, especially in my neighborhood, undeniably outweighs the bad. All the snow hangs on the trees and everything is white. It just looks pristine. I wish it could snow everyday. Just an inch.

I regret missing the sex party since it seems there was a whole lotta sexin’ going on.

Romba loma ding dong.

Happy two-threezy to steve sleezy.

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