1. WSUM goes live
    After way too long the UW student radio station is finally going on the air at 91.7 FM. Check it out.

  2. This Modern World
    I just can't stop reading this page. I think Tom Tomorrow has some of the best political commentary, period.

  3. The Cubs
    Tickets were released today for the new season. I didn't get any, yet.

  4. Four Star Video
    This is Madison's local video rental place and is the best I've ever been to. Roger Ebert said, "Four star to Four Star." Uh huh.

  5. Trading Spaces
    If you don't know about this show then you should stop reading my weblog. Okay, keep reading it, but watch this show.

  6. Damien Jurado
    His new album with Gathered in Song is quite remarkable. You should buy it or steal it.

  7. My Dad
    It's his birthday today (2/22) and he deserves a shout out. Love ya dad.

  8. The New Pornographers
    It may be passe to like them now, but I just got their cd and I can't stop listening. Man, alt-country is back in my life.

  9. Andrew WK
    This "man" is taking the UK by storm and he's coming to the Double Door March 16th. He's nuts, and I love it.

  10. Channel 4
    Banzai, Trigger Happy TV, awesome movies, the best american shows. If you've watched the channel, you know where I'c coming from.