This or That.

1. Picnic on the beach or picnic in a park? Picnic on the beach. I’m not that much of a water-dweller, but I do like picnics on beaches. Sandwiches!

2. Atlantic ocean or Pacific? I’m not really sure, but I’ll say the Atlantic b/c I have good memories of summer days at Jones Beach in NY.

3. Museum or the ballet? Museum. The ballet is often very cool, but not my thing. If it was museum vs. opera this would be a different story.

4. Lots of pillows on the bed, or just a few? Just a few. I have two but I only use on to sleep. The second is for propping while watching TV or reading.

5. Home body or not? I love spending time at home. It’s just comforable. But, I love getting out of the house after a good stint at home.

6. Introverted or extroverted? If I have to answer this question then you probably don’t know me that well.

7. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset. There’s nothing like a sky with a melting sun. Of course, I haven’t been up early enough to make a true comparison.

8. Do you prefer ceiling fans or light fixtures? Well, I don’t like ceiling fans.

9. Lions or tigers or bears? Bears. Chicago Bears.

10. The Beatles or The Monkees? The Monkees are great, lots of fun, but they just can’t touch the Beatles. The Beatles just have so many amazing songs and have made a huge mark in music. I don’t even think they’re in the same league.