Olympic Conclusions. I have a couple thoughts, but first I’ll point you to this analysis. It is well thought out and pretty accurate in my opinion.

I’ll admit, when the Olympics started I was skeptical about the whole thing. After hearing about the tattered American flag being displayed I thought it might ending up being a bit too Ameri-centric. Also, the opening ceremonies were a joke. “The fire within,” not quite. Once everything got going I started watching it a lot more than I thought I would. At first I said, “oh, I only watching skiing. You know how I love to ski.” But no, that wasn’t all. I really got into speed skating. It’s more exciting than it should be. The one thing I kept my word on was not watching figure skating. Blech.

Now that I’m finished admitting my enjoyment, it’s time to analyze. I can’t stand the little vingettes about the athletes. Isn’t this whole thing about sport? Are people’s attention spans so short that they can’t watch the entire event? I just think that their drivel. I also didn’t like how much stuff was rebroadcasted. There were more than enough events to provide a full day of coverage.

So I enjoyed the Olympics, but I wish the sister stations (CNBC, MSNBC) showed more continuous coverage of events for folks like me who don’t need a little story about every athlete. Sport good, glorification bad.