Nike does it right. By this point, anyone with ears and a semifunctional brain knows that Nike isn’t exactly the most politically correct company. They use slave labor and do a horde of other things that good books will explain to you. Nonetheless, they are probably the success story in corporate branding. When you think shoes you just think Nike.

They have accomplished this through years of quality advertising and the work as of late has been astounding. We may be sick of the basketball dribbling commercial, but you’ll never forget it. Nike continued this storied tradition with a new ad called Move. It is a 90 second piece that creates a montage of Olympic sports. Sounds generic, but the style is beautiful. Sports are woven together and it screams elegance. If I were a network I would demand this quality in commercials because I didn’t even think about channel surfing.

Nike as business: not so good. Nike as art: perfect 10.