Big Ole V-day. This year V-day is the same as usual — no girlfriend, no date, no lovey-dovey. That’s not totally true, I did have one V-day with a girlfriend my senior year of high school. The night was nice but it was near the end of a relationship that was destined to fail (Don’t worry Jo, I love ya but we both know the end was kinda shabby). So, the romance was missing.

Tonight I’m going out with Nellestar on an adventure I explained in the last Friday Five. It will be fun.

What was really nice today was a phone conversation with my gramma. I called to thank her for the card and money (why do we give money for this day?) and we ended up talking for a while about movies. I forgot that my gramma loves movies. Today I found out that she liked The Royal Tenenbaums and really liked Rushmore. Now that’s a cool gramma. She also mentioned that she doesn’t really like war movies, mostly because she lived through all the stuff and grew up right near an army base. Makes sense. My gramma can be a bit nutty at times, but in the end she’s a really cool lady.