Ameritech is not Budget. But, they’re trying to be. You’ve all seen the ads for Budget. A group of marketing department brainstormers sit around a table and suggest crazy marketing ploys to attract customers. For instance, providing scented candles with the car. Then they cut to a shot of the interior of a car on flames followed by the marketing dudes shaking their heads. They’re funny, trust me.

Ameritech has done the same exact thing. Still funny? Yes. Not very cool? Indeed. When I first saw the spot I said, “Ha ha ha ha.” Then I thought, “Wait. Huh?” I just wonder if it is the same ad agency and, if so, why would they use the same gimmick for two different comapnies? And if it’s not the same company then there is going to be some spattin’ going on.

So, I have no grand conclusion but I thought this was something you should know about. Now you know.