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February 2002

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Snowball I (Pt. 2)

Posted February 28, 2002

Snowball I (Pt. 2) I’m off for the weekend. Another Snowball event to level out my brain. It’s coming at a good time this year as it will hopefully help me regain my spirits and “studying habits” before midterms. We’ll see.

See you after the Casbah, Sex Party and other weekend-like debauchery.

Conan the Capitalist.

Posted February 28, 2002

Conan the Capitalist. I know, I already talked about Conan a couple days ago but I couldn’t help myself.

Tonight Conan had Apollo Anton Ohno (who, by the way, has one of the coolest/worst/funniest names of all time) on the show and he brought his medals. At the end of the segment Conan had to do a little spot for Bacardi. As he began, he realized he was whoring himself out with the medals on the table and he started cracking up. It’s funny enough to imagine him pimping a product, but the combination of Conan the capitalist with a “sacred” Olympic medal was priceless.

Man, today was really a worthless blogging day. Yeah.

A no no.

Posted February 27, 2002

A no no. Don’t wear sparkly or shiny shirts. Ever. That is all.

Ameritech is not Budget.

Posted February 27, 2002

Ameritech is not Budget. But, they’re trying to be. You’ve all seen the ads for Budget. A group of marketing department brainstormers sit around a table and suggest crazy marketing ploys to attract customers. For instance, providing scented candles with the car. Then they cut to a shot of the interior of a car on flames followed by the marketing dudes shaking their heads. They’re funny, trust me.

Ameritech has done the same exact thing. Still funny? Yes. Not very cool? Indeed. When I first saw the spot I said, “Ha ha ha ha.” Then I thought, “Wait. Huh?” I just wonder if it is the same ad agency and, if so, why would they use the same gimmick for two different comapnies? And if it’s not the same company then there is going to be some spattin’ going on.

So, I have no grand conclusion but I thought this was something you should know about. Now you know.

Thank you Conan.

Posted February 27, 2002

Thank you Conan. The Olympics were great but they really messed up my tv schedule. The most notable change was the absence of Ed and Law & Order. It was a tough loss but I got used to it.

The problem was when my night owl tendencies kicked in and I wanted to watch Conan in bed. Instead, I had to watch Olymipc events I had seen twice already that day. I had become accustomed to falling asleep to his riduculous, nasal voice. So I’m glad Conan’s back because I can fall asleep peacefully now.

Flash is frustrating.

Posted February 25, 2002

Flash is frustrating. Lately, I have been noticing that more mainstream sites are using Flash. The problem is, they aren't doing it very well.

People creating these sites have to realize that this is much more about information design than about a snappy graphic and some cool sounds. A good example of this problem is The Metro's site. They have a new "high bandwidth" version that assaults the senses with cool graphics and kickin' tunes. Your average punk kid will think, cool. Then they'll try and figure out who is playing, only to turn to the "tours" site and find they can't scroll down at a reasonable speed and can't scroll up at all. No good. If that isn't bad enough, there is a "nifty" sound effect everytime you click on the down button. No good. It is just atrocious. The kicker is the little ditty that continues playing throughout your visit. Unless the music is integral to the site, avoid it. You can leave me an option to turn the music on but don't make me listen to the crap you've chosen.

All I want is to find the information I need as quickly as possible. Is that too much to ask?

Don't get me wrong though, sound effects and information design in flash can be done well. The promotional site for the Nintendo Gamecube is a great example. It is fun and the noises aren't obtrusive. Another good example is French Kiss Records. When you click on one of the main links a man speaking french tells you where you're going. Well done. Also, the flash is used to create intuitive site organization, not a spectacle of sight and sound.

Remember, you have to seperate flash as an medium for art and as a business tool. There's more in me for this treatise but I'll end here. Maybe I'll write an essay of some sort. Hmm.

Six Feet Under.

Posted February 25, 2002

Six Feet Under. This weekend the new season of Six Feet Under begins. I didn’t watch the show this summer and I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I really like it. I caught an episode on Saturday night and I was really moved. It’s definitely a character thing as all of the characters are really easy to relate to. I especially like Brenda (Nate’s girlfriend). She rules. She looks a lot like John Cameron Mitchell though.

Enough rambling, watch it this Sunday.

Top Ten.

Posted February 25, 2002

  1. WSUM goes live
    After way too long the UW student radio station is finally going on the air at 91.7 FM. Check it out.

  2. This Modern World
    I just can't stop reading this page. I think Tom Tomorrow has some of the best political commentary, period.

  3. The Cubs
    Tickets were released today for the new season. I didn't get any, yet.

  4. Four Star Video
    This is Madison's local video rental place and is the best I've ever been to. Roger Ebert said, "Four star to Four Star." Uh huh.

  5. Trading Spaces
    If you don't know about this show then you should stop reading my weblog. Okay, keep reading it, but watch this show.

  6. Damien Jurado
    His new album with Gathered in Song is quite remarkable. You should buy it or steal it.

  7. My Dad
    It's his birthday today (2/22) and he deserves a shout out. Love ya dad.

  8. The New Pornographers
    It may be passe to like them now, but I just got their cd and I can't stop listening. Man, alt-country is back in my life.

  9. Andrew WK
    This "man" is taking the UK by storm and he's coming to the Double Door March 16th. He's nuts, and I love it.

  10. Channel 4
    Banzai, Trigger Happy TV, awesome movies, the best american shows. If you've watched the channel, you know where I'c coming from.

Olympic Conclusions

Posted February 25, 2002

Olympic Conclusions. I have a couple thoughts, but first I’ll point you to this analysis. It is well thought out and pretty accurate in my opinion.

I’ll admit, when the Olympics started I was skeptical about the whole thing. After hearing about the tattered American flag being displayed I thought it might ending up being a bit too Ameri-centric. Also, the opening ceremonies were a joke. “The fire within,” not quite. Once everything got going I started watching it a lot more than I thought I would. At first I said, “oh, I only watching skiing. You know how I love to ski.” But no, that wasn’t all. I really got into speed skating. It’s more exciting than it should be. The one thing I kept my word on was not watching figure skating. Blech.

Now that I’m finished admitting my enjoyment, it’s time to analyze. I can’t stand the little vingettes about the athletes. Isn’t this whole thing about sport? Are people’s attention spans so short that they can’t watch the entire event? I just think that their drivel. I also didn’t like how much stuff was rebroadcasted. There were more than enough events to provide a full day of coverage.

So I enjoyed the Olympics, but I wish the sister stations (CNBC, MSNBC) showed more continuous coverage of events for folks like me who don’t need a little story about every athlete. Sport good, glorification bad.

Sad, but frustrated.

Posted February 22, 2002

Sad, but frustrated. The big story of the day is the killing of the WSJ writer, Daniel Pearl. It is a horrible thing that he died and the way in which he was killed, but I’m a little frustrated at all the attention this is getting when our killing of 16 Afghan civilians is mentioned only in passing in news sources. Death sucks and it sucks even more when the person was not in battle, but we can’t put David Pearl on a pedestal just becuase he’s an American. Maybe my humanitarian instincts are running wild but I think we need to remember to keep this tragedy in perspective.

No sex? 40 days? Oh my!

Posted February 22, 2002

No sex? 40 days? Oh my! Next weekend there is a new flick coming out called 40 Days and 40 Nights. Here’s the tagline: One man is about to do the unthinkable. No sex. Whatsoever For… 40 days and 40 nights. I’m debating whether or not this even deserves more commentary than this. Yes, it does.

It doesn’t surprise me that this is being released by Hollywood, but do they really think that the average person can’t have sex for 40 days? I may be an exception, but I don’t think it would be tough to wait that long. Also, the tagline starts “one man,” thus implying it is that much tougher for men to do this. Ok yes, men are bigger pigs than women but do we need to propogate these stereotypes?

Argh, this movies makes me mad and I’m going to stop ranting now.

Friday Five

Posted February 22, 2002

Friday Five

1. Hey, baby, what’s your sign? Do you think it fits you pretty well? Aries. Funny you should ask…I think so. I actually don’t know why because I haven’t looked at descriptions in a while.

2. What’s the worst birthday gift you’ve ever received? When I was about ten my mom and dad got me a global band radio. The present itself wasn’t so bad, but they had been hyping up the gift so much because they thought it was really cool but when I got it I couldn’t help but go, “oh…OH! Wow! Thanks. eh he.”

3. What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received? Around the same time as the radio, my grandparents too me and my sister to Disney World. I love spending times with my grandparents, but this stands out as one of my best memories.

4. What’s the best way you’ve celebrated your birthday thus far? I think last year was the best in my immediate memory. My parents came in and we went out for a nice dinner which was promptly followed by a trip to Karaoke Kid. It was just a lot of fun. I’m sure this rivals the excitement of going to Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? I have no big plans and I’m ecstatic. I need some time to relax and catch up on my work.

Web Rage!

Posted February 21, 2002

Web Rage! According to this BBC article, there is now another rage to supplement air and road: web. People claim violent outbursts are not [uncommon]. Mice and keyboards seem to bear the brunt of people’s frustration, with 7% admitting to hitting them after a frustrating web experience. A small number, 2%, admitted to hitting workmates to vent their frustration.

I think we’ve all had our fair share of run-ins with slow loading pages but is this realistic? Also, does 7% seem kind of low to claim that web rage is a problem? Although I do think it’s odd that I never get angry with the web like I do with other drivers. Maybe it’s because I can’t see the foolish sysadmin or the baffoon of a web programmer like I can look into the eyes of a inane driver. (via NextDraft)

Conservatives beware.

Posted February 20, 2002

Conservatives beware. Last night I was watching World News Tonight and they gave a news snippet about a the divorce between a woman and a transvestite. She wanted the divorce and is claiming that she can have it because her husband was never genetically a man. Therefore, their marriage is invalid.

This is really going to mess with people’s minds. The conservatives will be whipped into a wild frenzy, that’s for sure. I don’t think that is grounds for divorce if she knew that he was a transvestite before they were married. If she didn’t, then it was deception and she’s in the clear. Regardless of what I think, she will get it anyway because gay marriages are illegal and her husband is a woman, genetically speaking.

I’m curious to see if this goes to the Supreme Court and how they’ll rule. How do you define man and woman? What do YOU think? Hmmm?

Sleep. Argh.

Posted February 19, 2002

Sleep. Argh. I feel like the prototypical college student right now. Last night I wrote a 10 page paper until 6am, then woke up at 7:30 to proofread. It was close to an all-nighter but that hour of sleep helped me to clear my head.

I've only done one all-nighter since I've been in college and it was two years ago during finals with my friend Justin. We sat in the 24-study room with our nose to our books until about 8am. Then we made a trip to McDonalds to get an Egg McMuffin, thinking it would help the situation. It didn't. Despite being tuckered out I took my final on pure adreneline. Staying up was just something I needed to do.

Now I just need to do a beer bong, commit date rape and join a frat. Then college will be complete.

Oh no/yes.

Posted February 19, 2002

Oh no/yes. I have decided at this moment that I am prepared to pull an all nighter. I am definitely not finished with my paper and I have to go to class at 9:30. To me that spells: stay up all night and finish this godammit.

*This post was created in an effort to avoid a self-depricating post depicting my inability to finish assignments without as much drama and procrastination as possible.

WiFi is loverly.

Posted February 18, 2002

WiFi is loverly. Today was a major toy day for me. I got a wireless access point, a new computer bag and Office v.X (for $30 thanks to UW-Madison). I am a happy camper. Granted, all these things arriving at once has not helped me to get any work done, but everyone needs a break from work now and then. I can’t wait to start blogging from the toilet (or am I already?). Hmmm.

Money not Bombs.

Posted February 16, 2002

Money not Bombs. According to this Reuters story, “U.S. aircraft over southern Afghanistan have scattered $100 bills tucked into envelopes bearing a picture of President George W. Bush.” I know, ha ha ha, that’s funny. It’s funny this time because it’s true. Not a joke.

This Modern World provided me with this info and Tom Tomorrow had some poignant commentary. No wonder Dubya needed to increase the military budget. I guess it’s a better than spending the money on daisy cutters and then dropping them. Kind of cuts out the middleman, if you think about it.


Posted February 16, 2002

Zoupa! Right now I am making soup. So, if you want soup at any point during the next two or three days then come over, please. I’m making enough to serve 12. Yowsa. Oh, and it’s the same minestrone I made for mine/kara’s dinner party last year. Funny enough, that was almost exactly a year ago. Ah, memories. SOUP!

I'm smiling too.

Posted February 15, 2002

I’m smiling too. Last night Stevie and Keith were engaged. They are so great together and I’m very glad this happened. Yay.

An excerpt from her page:

And so they dated for a few years and relocated to Chicago, where everything felt right and they were as happy as happy gets. Or so they thought.

Because last night, the boy asked the girl to marry him, and she said yes and cried tears of joy.

And Keith and I haven’t stopped smiling since about 9 p.m. last night.

Friday Five

Posted February 15, 2002

Friday Five

1. What was the first thing you ever cooked? I’m sure I microwaved things before this, but my earliest memory of cookery is in home ec. in junior high. The teacher was wound a bit tight. Of course, we were always throwing bits of food or building something out of scraps. Oh, and our final project was to build a gingerbread house.

2. What’s your signature dish? I make a mean banana cake. It’s not really a dish, but you’ll love what your eating. If I had to choose a dish it would be my mom’s minestrone I make. Good stuff. Actually, both of these are from my mom. One day I’ll have my own recipes.

3. Ever had a cooking disaster? (tasted like crap, didn’t work, etc.) Describe. I can’t think of any real disasters. I am a culinary genius.

4. If skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal? Oh man, the best meal I’ve had and probably ever will have was at (bare with me) my teacher’s son’s friend’s house. He was a chef at L’Etoile here in madison and damn can he cook. You know what I’m talking about. (read about it)

5. What are you doing this weekend? Writing, writing, coding, writing, seeing Ultimate Fakebook, writing, crying, writing. I have a 12 page paper due on Tuesday. Oh, I also have to go to the grocery. I’m going to make my soup.

Hot Ladies!

Posted February 14, 2002

Hot Ladies!

I love photoshop. Check out more of these.

Big Ole V-day.

Posted February 14, 2002

Big Ole V-day. This year V-day is the same as usual — no girlfriend, no date, no lovey-dovey. That’s not totally true, I did have one V-day with a girlfriend my senior year of high school. The night was nice but it was near the end of a relationship that was destined to fail (Don’t worry Jo, I love ya but we both know the end was kinda shabby). So, the romance was missing.

Tonight I’m going out with Nellestar on an adventure I explained in the last Friday Five. It will be fun.

What was really nice today was a phone conversation with my gramma. I called to thank her for the card and money (why do we give money for this day?) and we ended up talking for a while about movies. I forgot that my gramma loves movies. Today I found out that she liked The Royal Tenenbaums and really liked Rushmore. Now that’s a cool gramma. She also mentioned that she doesn’t really like war movies, mostly because she lived through all the stuff and grew up right near an army base. Makes sense. My gramma can be a bit nutty at times, but in the end she’s a really cool lady.

I'm 404ing.

Posted February 13, 2002

I’m 404ing. According to The Jargon Lexicon and The Geektionary, to 404 is to draw a blank. Thus “I’m 404ing” translates to “I’m drawing a blank.” I also think it should be used like…

Guy 1: Dude, where’s my car? Guy 2: I totally 404ed it. Sorry man. Guy 1: Sucks, but nice new term. Guy 2: Thanks.

Don’t be surprised if you hear this soon.

Other favorites from the Jargon Lexicon: @-party, asbestos longjohns, and Knights of the Lamda Calculus.

This Modern World.

Posted February 13, 2002

This Modern World. For those that don’t know, This Modern World is a syndicated comic strip run in many weekly newspapers throughout the country. The creator also keeps a weblog. Both the weblog and the cartoon are constantly criticizing the American government while maintaining a sense of humor about it all. I’ve grown especially fond of the weblog. Here’s an excerpt from a recent entry:

“I’ve still got a big red target painted on my ass, because if you want to kill large numbers of civilians and simultaneously strike another symbolic blow against America, the city I call home is still the number one most likely target (with the possible temporary exception of Salt Lake City)—and none of that changes the fact that I am also terribly afraid for the future of our democracy, as I watch the eagerness with which my fellow citizens trade off their liberties piecemeal, like survivors trapped in a cabin after a winter storm chopping up the furniture for firewood until one day they find that there is no furniture left to burn and damn, it’s cold outside.

On the bright side, my dog ran into all of his friends at the same time in the park this morning, and had a really, really, really good time.”

The rant went on for a long while, but I thought the tail end would make the point.

This or That.

Posted February 13, 2002

This or That.

1. Picnic on the beach or picnic in a park? Picnic on the beach. I’m not that much of a water-dweller, but I do like picnics on beaches. Sandwiches!

2. Atlantic ocean or Pacific? I’m not really sure, but I’ll say the Atlantic b/c I have good memories of summer days at Jones Beach in NY.

3. Museum or the ballet? Museum. The ballet is often very cool, but not my thing. If it was museum vs. opera this would be a different story.

4. Lots of pillows on the bed, or just a few? Just a few. I have two but I only use on to sleep. The second is for propping while watching TV or reading.

5. Home body or not? I love spending time at home. It’s just comforable. But, I love getting out of the house after a good stint at home.

6. Introverted or extroverted? If I have to answer this question then you probably don’t know me that well.

7. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset. There’s nothing like a sky with a melting sun. Of course, I haven’t been up early enough to make a true comparison.

8. Do you prefer ceiling fans or light fixtures? Well, I don’t like ceiling fans.

9. Lions or tigers or bears? Bears. Chicago Bears.

10. The Beatles or The Monkees? The Monkees are great, lots of fun, but they just can’t touch the Beatles. The Beatles just have so many amazing songs and have made a huge mark in music. I don’t even think they’re in the same league.

The Olympics

Posted February 12, 2002

The Olymipcs. I have been watching the Olympics a lot more often than I thought I would. When they began I scoffed at the opening ceremonies and claimed that I didn’t care about the Olympics. Well I lied, sorta.

Here are the events I care about: 1. Anything skiing 2. Anything snowboarding

Here are the events I don’t care about: 1. Anything else 2. Especially figure skating

I remembered that the only reason I don’t watch snowboarding/skiing events is because they’re rarely on or on at inopportune times. Also, the hype of the Olympics just makes everything that much more exciting. So, I’ve been watching and will until there are no more snow-sliding events left.

UPDATE: A humorous Olympic blog. (via evhead)

It's here.

Posted February 12, 2002

It’s here. The Powerbook Ti is here and it’s beautiful. Now if I could just get it working with my router. More later.

Nike does it right.

Posted February 11, 2002

Nike does it right. By this point, anyone with ears and a semifunctional brain knows that Nike isn’t exactly the most politically correct company. They use slave labor and do a horde of other things that good books will explain to you. Nonetheless, they are probably the success story in corporate branding. When you think shoes you just think Nike.

They have accomplished this through years of quality advertising and the work as of late has been astounding. We may be sick of the basketball dribbling commercial, but you’ll never forget it. Nike continued this storied tradition with a new ad called Move. It is a 90 second piece that creates a montage of Olympic sports. Sounds generic, but the style is beautiful. Sports are woven together and it screams elegance. If I were a network I would demand this quality in commercials because I didn’t even think about channel surfing.

Nike as business: not so good. Nike as art: perfect 10.

Top Ten.

Posted February 11, 2002

  1. Apple Powerbook
    My graduation present is arriving early. "Can't wait" doesn't begin to explain how I feel.

  2. Gene Simmons & NPR
    The leader of Kiss is interviewed by NPR's Terry Ross and he makes a ridiculous fool of himself (link is an mp3)

  3. Lifeuncommon
    This is currently my favorite weblog. Go Dawn.

  4. Black Hawk Down
    My favorite war movie since Three Kings.

  5. Emmie
    The new dynamic website is just about up and I think it rocks. Go Nick and I.

  6. Movable Type
    It is the reason this site is here today.

  7. Good Morning Silicon Valley
    A daily collection of stories concerning the tech industry. Always good.

  8. Boston Public
    One of two shows I watch religiously. Can be formulaic, but the characters are great.

  9. Silhouette Ice Cream Sandwich
    These are the best ice cream sandwiches, and they're 98% fat free. Mmmmmmm....skinny.

  10. Think Collective
    An amazing site that offers up a piece of digital art everyday.

HBO, Sex, Babies.

Posted February 10, 2002

HBO, Sex, Babies. I just finished watching the last episode of the Sex in the City miniseason. I thought it was the best show of the season and I gauge this by how much I liked each character. In this case, I liked them all.

I thought the plot was well crafted as each of the women came to a true turning point in their lives, and it wasn’t shown through a ridiculously cheesy metaphor. I liked Miranda more than usual because of her decision to avoid the “cheerleader” in the delivery room. So true, so funny. I’m excited for next season.

Also, being a columnist is a lot easier when you are a fictional character in a TV show. Carrie would have no material if she didn’t have something interesting happen to her as frequently as it does. Just a thought.

Black Hawk Down

Posted February 9, 2002

Black Hawk Down. I went to see Black Hawk Down yesterday afternoon. The film is straight up war — no frills and no apologies. This has garnered three responses from both the press and the public:

  1. High praise for being a war movie that doesn’t gloss things over by following a true hero through battle. It shows war as the nameless, faceless event that it is.

  2. No praise because it doesn’t have any characters to follow and focuses too much on the battle and tacticul manuevers. The movie has no soul.

  3. The movie was well done, but it missed a lot of the important factors surrounding the war. It didn’t discuss any racial or humanitarian issues.

I would side mostly with the first analysis with a touch of the third. The fact is that war is faceless and no one chooses to be a hero. Movies like Saving Private Ryan are glamorizations of war, even if the battles are brutal and realistic. Movies like Apocolypse Now delve into the psyche of the soldier and how the war has affected them. Black Hawk Down and Full Metal Jacket try to capture the futility of war, and I think both are successful. So I wouldn’t say this movie is the war movie, but I think it portrays an important facet of war.

BHD is not going to wow you with a great story and you won’t likely remember anyone’s name, but you’ll better understand why being the global referee isn’t always the best position to have.

Mein Eye.

Posted February 9, 2002

Mein Eye. Over at Waferbaby they have created The Eye Project. You take a photo of at least one of your eyes and they post the photo on their site. It’s a great project and makes me wish this site had more exposure. Oh well, it’s too much work anyway.

Here’s my submission. (via lifeuncommon)


Posted February 8, 2002

Benetton. Benetton’s Colors Magazine is an amazing combination of global awareness and technical mastery. The site is completely created with Flash and does a great job of presenting cultures and lives throughout the world.

The most recent addition to the magazine is about schools and students throughout the world. It talks about what the kids want in life and stats about school related issues. The most interesting/frightening one was that 33% of elementary school kids in Jakarta, Indonesia think life isn’t worth living. Wow.

Go to the site and you’ll learn something, guaranteed.

Tech TV's for Geeks (i.e. me).

Posted February 8, 2002

Tech TV’s for Geeks (i.e. me). Ever since I returned to school, about a month ago, I have been watching Tech TV on a very regular basis. I knew it was around but I hadn’t ever really sat down to watch any of the shows. Then the MacWorld rolled around and they were showing the keynote and I watched. Soon after I began watching The Screen Savers and Call for Help whenever possible. The shows basically talk about computers and ways to imrpove or fix them as well as other trends.

Now I’m not ashamed to admit it (clearly), but these shows are for nerds only. The main hosts of each show, Chris Pirillo and Leo Laporte are themselves uber-dorks. I guess that would be assumed but if you’re doubful then their webpages, especially Chris’, are a testament to the fact.

This little story doesn’t have much of a point other than to further point out that I am truly a nerd. Luckily, as Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds displayed, nerds know more about sex than jocks since that’s all they think about. Of course, I don’t think sexually activity on a moonwalk at an amusement park could ever be bad. Man, this post has to end now. Click, boooooooooooo……

The Friday Five.

Posted February 8, 2002

The Friday Five. I participated once before and then stopped. Jenny’s participation last week reminded me of it and I’m giving it a shot again. Unfortunately I had to start with a really dicey one. Ah well, here you go.

1. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone else? I’m going to go with the cheesy/romantic vibe here. After junior year of high school I went on a backpacking trip for the summer and had to leave my girlfriend behind. So, I made her a mix tape with commentary interspersed between the songs. At the time it was very romantic, trust me. In hindsight, I should probably look into having that thing destroyed.

2. [pardon the cosmo question] What are your erogenous zones? That’s a little personal, but I’m a big fan of fingers through the hair. I’m more of a giver than a taker anyway.

3. How old were you the first time you had sex? Care to expound? Today, if you’re willing. (Man that was gross, but the point is I haven’t)

4. What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex? In my mind.

5. Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day or is it just another Thursday? Roomie and I are going to go to Starlight Cinema and then get dinner. We are both dateless wonders and thought we’d celebrate how unappealing we are.

This weekend features...

Posted February 7, 2002

This weekend features:

º   Lunch with a Miss Etto. º   Black Hawk Down with Rebecca º   Web design/homework º   Arrival of my sister with friend Adam º   Go home for Snowball training session. º   Receive new laptop (???)

The last one is still in the TBD category, but that’s the general list. The only thing that is missing is the New Pornographers show. I really wanted to go, but it just isn’t feasible. Nonetheless, it is a good lineup and I will be sure to comment as it all goes down.

Short Papers Suck.

Posted February 7, 2002

Short Papers Suck. Last night I had to write a paper on why the U.S. was attacked by terrorists and how we should respond. Oh, and I had to do it all in two paragraphs. I could have written a dissertation. I understand that it is just a response paper and thus a way to gauge my writting skills, but I it’s torture to ask a question with that kind of depth and expect a coherent response in a page.

As long as I’m talking about school, this year I’m taking: First Ammendment (my 3rd law class) International Politics of the Middle East TV Criticism Classical Rhetorical Theory

It’s a good lineup and will be a whole lot less stressful than past semesters.

Nationalism: Enough is Enough.

Posted February 7, 2002

Nationalism: Enough is Enough. Over the past five months I have snickered at the overt signs of patriotism and the ridiculous amount of American flags, but secretly I thought that our nation banding together was an amazing sight to see. Recently, my secret tune has begun to jibe with my more vocal remarks.

The Superbowl pushed me completely over the edge. As others have discussed, the presentation as well as the halftime show were all over the top. Luckily, I missed the faux signing of the Declaration of Independence but I most certainly saw the cutaways of naval officers “pressing buttons” to bring up player photos and positions. The whole thing was just absurd. (And yes Jenny, my disdain for Bono’s merry clan grows daily and I will one day reach your status.)

On a similar note, I thought that’s choice of providing 30 seconds for Guliani to speak was anything but noble. “The war is tough but we are strong—now go find a job online!” Just plain wrong.

And also, the U.S. recently convinced the Olympic Committee to allow us to fly a tattered flag from the Twin Towers in place of a normal flag. Our friends at NextDraft have eloquently explained the problems with this:

“First, allowing one country to carry in a symbol of their choosing (no matter how close it may be to the symbol they were intended to carry) might open the door for requests by other teams to carry in their own important symbols. Second, the I.O.C. has a serious concern that the Utah games will become too patriotic. While each Olympics has its host country there should be, in essence, no home team.”

The decision to pursue this by the US Olymic commission is unsettling to me. It may serve as a reminder, but I think we’ve had more than our fair share of reminders. It is truly time to let most of the public displays be put to rest.

I miss Dave.

Posted February 6, 2002

I miss Dave. I know Dave Thomas may have passed away a couple months ago, but as the new Wendy’s commercials role out, I miss him more than ever.

If you haven’t seen them, the new commercials are an assault on the senses. Burgers fly at you in formation on a neon orange background. Not good. It was a very thinly veiled attempt to appeal to a younger demographic.

I think that advertisers have to understand that it takes more than bright colors and flying objects to appeal to us youngin’s. Also, they are missing out on the kitsch factor; young people liked the Wendy’s ads because Dave was a normal, dorky old guy who said normal dorky taglines. It’s funny because it’s not, and they knew that.

Unfortunately, Dave passed away and now we must be assaulted by flying burgers. If this is the future of youth-oriented advertising, I’m never having children.

Speaking of Apples...

Posted February 6, 2002

Speaking of Apples… So I never really discussed Apple’s release of the new iMac. I’m kind of surprised I didn’t because I am in love with this little machine. Aside from looking pretty cool and fitting nicely in the corner of your desk, it offers you a premium product at a managable price.

I think Apple has this computer thing down. For home users, they just need something that can do the little things with ease: send email, surf the web, print photos, etc. Apple has focused on these things and made some great free software for their users.

In the end, people don’t care if they have a 5.1 GHz processor (except for maybe the gamers), they just need something that will work and looks pretty cool on their desk. The iMac does that.

Perfectionism is evil.

Posted February 6, 2002

Perfectionism is evil. I still can’t get it to work properly in N4+ and it still looks a little funny in N6 and Opera. It also has a really weird bug with the LI property. Ah well. Now I must really go to bed.


Posted February 6, 2002

v4.0 It has arrived. As promised, I have rolled out a new website that has a completely new look (obviously). Feel free to leave some comments, especially nasty ones.

This site is coming along nicely.

Posted February 5, 2002

I'm just glad that everything is working out a-ok. I think I'll be able to roll out the site the middle of this week and have all the bells and whistles in by the weekend.

Wish me luck.

Top Ten.

Posted February 3, 2002

  1. Movable Type
    It is the reason this site is here today.

  2. Cornelius
    The new album proves that Cornelius has an IQ of 187

  3. Snowball II
    The most rewarding experience.

  4. Lomo
    I am learning to love this little camera.

  5. Think Collective
    An amazing site that offers up a piece of digital art everyday.

  6. Google Catalogues
    You can search through hundreds of catalogues scanned in by Google. Junk mail is for suckers.

  7. Chicago Bears
    They may have choked in the playoffs, but they brought me back to football for good.

  8. Apples
    Apples are tasty and clean 95% of the plaque on your teeth.

  9. Emmie
    The new dynamic website is just about up and I think it rocks. Go Nick and I.

  10. Wilco
    I am loving Summer Teeth again and Yankee Foxtrot Hotel is coming to CD in April.

Off I go.

Posted February 1, 2002

Off I go. I am on my way to Snowball for another weekend of fun and excitement. This post is really just to test if everything worked with my server change.

See you all Sunday.

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