This is my StorTrooper, created by me and looks as much like me as possible considering what I had to work with. I would say this is more of a winter storTrooper though. Go play with them and make your own--they're fun.

Today I went downtown to meet my grandparents for lunch with my sister. It was a good thing to do since my grandma just had a facelift and she was having some complications. I was pretty nervous to go down and see her but she looks a lot better than what I had imagined. The whole thing was a little sad though because my grandpa had a stroke about a year ago and although things are much better they're clearly not the same. He just seems older. What made the afternoon a little brighter is that they had three really small puppies who were just dying to play with us. I don't think there is anything cuter that puppies. I dare you to think of something. So that made things all right.

Now I am just sitting here doing nothing. I would love to get some dinner now. Do you want to come with?