Normally I'm a fan of the reviews from Pitchfork, but today I am not. One of their reviewers just took it too far and put his elitism into overdrive. Yes, Spoon and Tortoise and Vandermark Five are great, but sometimes serious rock and roll is needed. Balance my friends, balance. So that's why I have no respect for Ryan Schreiber's review of Jimmy Eat World's new record, Bleed American.

Yes, he makes the point that the record is not groundbreaking and the lyrics aren't exactly epic, but is that what is required for a great album? I think it can make a great album but you have to have some fun. I like listening to Sonic Youth sometimes, but I wouldn't say it is "fun." I don't pop it into my CD player and sing along to every word like I would with the new Jimmy Eat World record.

Bottomline is that people need to be more openminded when it comes to music. The variety of music today is what allows me to appreciate everything a bit more. Listening to N*Sync enhances the new Matmos record. As my dad might say, variety is the spice of life.