I've been busy packing up all my shizzasm for the big move. It's no fun at all. My CDs took up 3 boxes and it makes me feel a combination of pride, disgust, excitement and embarassment. After tonight I will just have to pay guys to move my stuff for me, which is definitely more appealing than not.

Last night I saw one of my newly appointed least favorite movies, American Pie 2. It was pretty worthless. If you like movies like Waiting for Guffman, Rushmore or Election, then DO NOT see AP2. You will cry. The only reason I made it thru the movie is because nelly kept me entertained with her commentary. But if you do go then you'll probably laugh a few times, I did, but it isn't worth the brain cells. Save them for Osmosis Jones or Ghost World, two movies I need to see soon or I will cry.

And now I am going to go back to helping out with the design meeting I am in. I would like to note that Ashley, who signed my guestbook, used the phrase "hot mess" and I am going to start using it from now on.