Today was the yearly obligatory trip to IKEA. Every year I have lived somewhere aside from home I went to IKEA to get something. This year me and roomie went together. We spent about 3 hours there--an hour on each floor, 20 minutes eating and 40 minutes finding our furniture, paying for it, and loading it. I was pretty pissed I forgot my camera because there were some great moments there. It is the perfect people watching spot since it draws such a diverse audience. Nelly and I figure it is because it is cheap (draws the less fortunate) and trendy (draws the urban professionals), which makes it a great mix. Still, places like IKEA and Target make me a little queasy. Whenever there is mass consuming around me I just start to think about all the money that flows through the world to totally worthless things. IKEA's stuff is usually worthwhile, but it is the mass spending that gets to me.

Now we are putting it all together. If you have ever bought IKEA products you know how annoying/rewarding it can be. Lots of pateneted screws and turning devices. This I might take pictures of.

Tomorrow will consist of me finishing the unpacking process. Here's what the list sounds like now...

Things that need to be done:
+ unpack CDs
+ unpack clothes
+ get cable
+ fix phone
+ buy bookshelf
+ buy A/V rack
+ decorate

So I'm almost there. Can't wait.