Today over at The Obscurestore there are some great headlines. Here are the highlights.

  • Man will put a firm's logo on his bald head -- for $50K
  • Russian doctors grow penis on teen's arm
  • What the hell?!: "She ate Fruit Loops, then I killed her"

    That last one is about a lady who killed her granddaughter because "Nobody gave a damn about her." Nuts.

    Speaking of good reading, I got a letter today from my study abroad program concerning my adjustment to home and the American lifestyle. There were good points throughout but the entire Friends section is horribly laughable. Here it is.

  • "Will it be possible to pick up old friendships?" Hmm, I don't think so. They may not remember me.
  • "Reaction of old friends to the 'new me.'" Ah yes, I am a changed man. Two months in London has lead me to a goth lifestyle. NIN forever.
  • "Being able to communicate with friends." Yo hablo espanol.
  • "Some classmates will have graduated; need to make new friends." Hey, where did all my friends go? I could have sworn they were here when I left.
  • "Friends will think I'm bragging and showing off when speaking about my experiences overseas." This one really happens but, thankfully, it does not apply to me.
  • "Not being able to live up to the expectations of my old friends." What, no drinks with the Spice Girls? I would have figured you had met at least sporty spice.

    So those are their concerns for me. I felt like I was in junior high when I read them. This is the only time of your life when your friends might actually put you through these kind of problems. And yet I loved junior high for some reason. Well, it is a bit more dramatic than adult life, and when you are in a neutral spot it is fun to watch. Also, when else can you hand someone a note saying, "If you like me please check the yes box, otherwise check no or maybe. Thanks."