Honestly, I think every time I go to a jazz show Jenny sets up I have a new favorite jazz group. Last night was a new trio formed by a saxaphonist in Vandermark 5 called Triage. I don't know if I would necessarily call them free jazz, well, actually I will them that since I don't know what else to call them. The saxaphonist was unbelievable. He made moving up and down scales and changing octaves look as easy as breathing. I was thoroughly impressed.

Afterwards Jenny and I went to the Orpheum to hang out, since they have a bar there. It's her favorite and it is definitely growing on me.

On the ride home today I saw a big, red Lincoln Continental with the license plate, "COMIX." Also, the guy driving was pretty old and had grey hair. The first thing I thought was, 'Stan Lee.' I mean, what other old guy would have a license plate that says comix if it wasn't Stan Lee. A better question would be why is he driving by himself between Madison and Milwaukee. So I sped up and moved next to him to see if it was indeed Stan. It was looking promising because he was about the right size and looked like he did make comics (I don't know what that means), but I knew it wasn't him when I saw he wasn't wearing any sunglasses. Since just about every time I've seen Stan Lee he is wearing sunglasses, I figured it wasn't him. But it would have been quite a story, eh? Unfortunately I was never really into comics as a kid. I was sucked in by baseball cards and videogames--I didn't have time for comics as well. I think it is probably for the better as I am enough of a nerd as it is. So I stuck to mainstream comics like Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes to keep the bullies at bay.