Although I didn't mention it, after Great America I went to a movie with my mom. We went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which we had seen together in NYC a year or two ago. The movie was rockin'. I was curious to see how it would turn out because the live performance was so moving, but they did a great job. I don't really want to tell you any more because the story is much better when you can see it unfold for yourself. But I do recommend you go see it when you have the chance. It is fantastic. Afterwards I cam home and Ali came back over to watch one of the greatest movies of last year, Best in Show. I love that movie, and you should remember that.

Today I went downtown to meet one of my old high school teachers for lunch and some CD shopping. Whenever we go out shopping together we both ending up buying at least $100 worth of music. Things were no different today. We started out with lunch at Leo's Lunch Place on Division and went directly to Dusty Groove, a great store that focuses on just soul, funk, jazz and latin music. Check out their website as it will have anything in these genres you could ever want. While I was there I bought:

+ Marvin Gaye -- What's Going On (expanded 2CD set)
+ Booker T & The MGs -- Green Onions
+ Kid Koala -- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
+ Caroline Now! -- The Songs Of Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys (Check this out, a great collection of artists)
+ Del The Funky Homosapien -- No Need For Alarm (I got this one new for $5. Sweet.)

Fortunately/Unfortunately, it didn't end there. After that we went to Reckless Records, which usually means trouble. Today though, I managed to keep my wallet fairly happy. I got:

+ The Stone Roses -- The Complete Stone Roses
+ Pinebender -- Things Are About To Get Weird
+ Low -- Things We Lost In The Fire
+ The Webb Brothers -- Maroon

I think it was a good day and I picked up a lot of good records. And lunch was tasty. Mmm.