Tonight I watched Se7en for the zillionth time and realized that David Fincher walks the thin line between amazingly creative and certifiably insane, kind of like the main character in the movie. Hmm, self portrait? This was followed immediately by pasta, the classic college dish. Then, Jannelle and I went to Four Star Video to pick up some movies. We got:

+ Titan A.E.
+ American Job
+ Usual Suspects
+ Traffic
+ Yi Yi

We watched the first two tonight. As you may have guessed, this is the beginning of "movie week." I will be renting/watching movies ALL week long. I've noticed this happens at the beginning of every school year. I end up with an assload of time on my hands and chose to catch up on watching movies I love and movies I've missed. It's a good time. Speaking of movies I loved, American Job was really good. It was described as a mix between Office Space and American Movie and that was pretty right on even though it was drier than I expected. It is a more accurate portrayal of jobs, as opposed to the glorified nature of Office Space. You should see it, unless you are cool, then avoid it.

Well, time to fall asleep reading Mao II by Don DeLillo. It's funny, when I don't have cable I start to read intelligent books. I miss cable.