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March 2001

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Am I Emo or Not?

Posted March 31, 2001

Am I Emo or Not? I'm not on there, but I rate myself a 4.

P. Diddy

Posted March 31, 2001

Well, if you didn't already know, Puff Daddy has changed his name. In an effort to change his image (I couldn't imagine why) he is now being called P. Diddy. I have to say, this name is a lot funnier so I definitely approve. David Letterman suggested some other names: "Among Letterman's suggestions: 'Puff Boy-Ar-Dee,' 'Howdy Diddy,' 'Milk Duddy,' 'P. Blicity Stunt' and 'J. Lonely.'" My personal fav, P. Blicity Stunt. So good. Well, this is something to chew on and you can go here if you'd like to read more.

Weekend Plans

Posted March 30, 2001

Today has been the day of seeing people I don't know twice. I swear, there were at least five people I noticed twice today. Any ideas as to what that means? I don't have any. Well, tonight shall be relaxing. I have no big plans and I hope to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I need major sleep catch-up. This weekend is going to be hot though. I am seeing a couple films at the film festival mentioned earlier (see below for link), going to see Idlewild, a Scottish rock band who, well, rock. They can really shake'em down. Then I might go see the Dismemberment Plan on Sunday, but I am not sure yet. We are charging $7 for them, and they are definitely not worth that much to me. I have a conference call now. Bye.

Neil Finn

Posted March 29, 2001

You must go to this site this instant. It is the multimedia site of Neil Finn, of Crowded House fame. Not only is he amazing, he also has a frickin' rad multimedia site. Try the stuff under 'hear' and you'll see what i mean. Also check out a good site on neil here.


Posted March 29, 2001

This napster thing is out of hand. So this morning a read an article about how the RIAA wants Napster to completely change their filtering system immediately. This is clearly a hype announcement because anyone who knows anything about computers knows that writing a filtering program is time consuming and incredibly labor intensive. You can just flip a switch and have your filtering system working the way you would like (or someone else would like). Anyway, the RIAA claims that this system is inadequate since people can still find files, just with letters switched in the names. So they are suggesting to have a filter-in system, where the labels aprove everything that comes onto the service. This would be ok for the major labels, but what about independent bands? They will have to contact napster to let them know it is ok to trade their stuff? What if I wanted to put up a speech I gave to my sink--would I then have to let them know that I am putting it up? I think the RIAA has some justification for what they've done up til now, but they have been downright malicious. I'm sure they're trying to send a message, but I think that's bullsh*t. I'm going to shut up about this now because I could ramble on for hours otherwise.

Week and Strong

Posted March 29, 2001

Right now, it seems like I will not have classes on monday or friday next semester. That would be incredible. I would do so much nothing and I would love it. I would be able to take long weekend road trips to remote locations. I don't think I would do anything on these trips but drive for a while, sleep in my car, and that's about it. No matter what I did, who can complain about having a bigger weekend than work week? Only a couple people who really enjoy what they do.

This evening I got to eat at Monty's, a wonderful blue plate diner here in Madison, and have a double dose of law and order with Jannelle. It was wonderful. Monty's is great because it is a small little place that has the kind of meals you might have at a diner, but they are spiced up and they are good. Tonight I had the Albequerque Turkey, which is an open sandwich of roasted turkey, salsa, gravy and mashed potatoes. I wish I could explain how good it is. Then the icing was that I am going to Bluephies for breakfast on Sunday morning. They are owned by the same people and have delicious waffles and pancakes with just about any kind of fruit or other waffle/pancake filling. Their omlettes are also quite good. As you can see, I enjoy food.

Now it is time for me to finish my takehome exam for my design class. It is pretty easy so I am okay with this, but it still needs to be done.


Posted March 28, 2001

Oh, the polaroid project is still coming, I am just short some photos (I have misplaced them).

Media Talk/Consumption

Posted March 28, 2001

1. Wisconsin Film Festival - March 28-31, 2001.

2. I saw Dave Eggers tonight and watched and listen to him read from his book and other pieces. He is a very funny guy, I know that much. One of the first things he read was from the quarterly magazine and press he runs called McSweeney's. It was a series of letters he sent to various CEOs of multinational companies. In each of the books he wrote from the prespective of an irish setter (dog). He had lines like, and this is paraphrased, "I can't help but bark. I just keep on barking without having any idea why I'm barking. I just assume that when I finish barking I will know why I am barking. I am a fast dog. I am a really fucking fast dog. I am a good dog. Thank you for taking time from your busy work schedule Mr. so-n-so." This does not do it much justice but it was very amusing. He had a lot of crowd interaction, which I thought was really nice. Not that I had any doubt, but this kind of thing helps to prove that an author is human. If they just sit and read their work then they are robots (possibly evil). Yadda yadda, he reads more, it's good. At the end I wait about 45 minutes (yes) to have him sign my paperback copy of his book, "A Heartbreaking Story of Staggering Genius." (Yes, I know it should be underlined, but I don't feel like it) I bet my friend Jenny $5 to claim that she thought he was Neal Pollock (another author, and the one who wrote the book she was getting signed). She had to say, "Hello Mr. Pollock, I have really loved all of your works." Then she had to wait for him to respond. She debated and when she finally arrived in front of him she said, "Hi, could you just sign below your name? (very small pause) Just Kidding." This was unacceptable but I gave her $1 anyway. She was not completely satisfied, but she did not fulfill my request. Finally, he signed my book and drew on the cover with paint. It is very pretty (not pretty, but it's still cool). So that was that.

3. Napster is going away soon. This is very sad, but other companies will rise so I am only a little sad.

4. Law and Order is on, I have to go. Goodnight.

Mystery IM

Posted March 26, 2001

Someone just IMed me and I accidentally closed the box before I could respond or see who it was. This happened today at 8:25pm central time. If you are the mystery sender PLEASE let me know. I try so hard to be nice.

new design

Posted March 26, 2001

I have a new design idea, so when I launch in a couple weeks, you will be presented with a new design. I hope it works out the way I'd like! Full NOLA review still coming.

Back from NOLA

Posted March 26, 2001

i'm back home but i'm freakin' tired. amazing weekend.

a quick rundown of highlights: quality time with a great friend (dan), SDT formal (wore a tux), Tulane baseball game, catfish po boy and steamed crawfish, amazing rave (complete with topless girl with electrical tape on nipples), an amusing frat party, a great jazz concert in an awesome venue, an 80 degree day in the french quarter in a convertible.

yes, a good time was had. thanks dan.


Posted March 22, 2001

I have not much to report aside from my departure to New Orleans. I'm leaving tomorrow at 10AM. I'm visiting my friend dan. He's a good kid. I'll try to update while I'm there but I make no promises.

Alright, I hope this works.

Posted March 20, 2001

I thought I'd let you know that I got my new domain, and it is up. It only links to this page for now, so don't get too excited. Everything will be moved very soon. Would post more but I have an exam I don't really care about tomorrow that I have to pretend to study for.

Mixin it Up

Posted March 20, 2001

I was going to post the contents of a mix I just made for someone, but then it wouldn't be a surprise, so I'm not going to. I'll post it at the end of the week though.

Here's something to tide you over though:

This is me circa 1983, when I really was cute.

I am Cute.

Posted March 19, 2001

I think I just got the best guestbook entry I've ever gotten. No offense to others, but it said, "you are cute. love, brynne." I would protect their name but the guestbook is public reading. Anyway, who can argue with that? I certainly can't. I hope more people will tell me I'm cute in the future.

First Years

Posted March 19, 2001

My final thoughts on First Years:

I like this show a lot. It is one of 5 or so law/order shows right now and I think it has a good blend of law and drama. Ally McBeal has way too much drama for me and I dislike a lot of the characters. Law and Order is awesome but the drama is minimal, which is nice sometimes. So the balance=good. I also like the characters so far. They are not annoying and that is a good thing. Although I do think that the gay guy is a little annoying, but he only talked about three times. The one thing that bugs me is their music—it is incredibly uninsipred. It has the typical light piano music at the intense scenes. You know, the kind where you think of the end of It’s a Wonderful Life or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It’s just too sappy and it almost always unwarranted. So that was just OK. A recap: It’s good because it has a nice balance of law and drama and because the characters are amusing. It’s bad because the music stinks and the whole premise is relatively uninspired.

The commercials said this show was lambasted by lawyers for a poor portrayal of the profession. I don’t think that’s true. I think it is a portrayal of people who are not totally moral and happen to be lawyers. I see their concern since people’s opinions often change because of characters on TV. Just an interesting issue.

First Years

Posted March 19, 2001

First Years Update 2:

The show is good and I will watch it when I can. The coolest thing that just happened is that the black girl character (whose name I don’t know), who is Sidney Potier’s daughter, which is also her name, is working on a case concerning a girl wanted to revoke her consent to adoption of her child because the new parents are white and the baby is black. Blah blah blah, point is that Sidney’s character’s parents are black and white. This is interesting because her father was one of the first successful and respected black actors. Still, he was often accussed of being “too white” by other blacks and they were unhappy that a man like this was representing their race. This is especially interesting for the show because the character, Sidney’s character, was accused of speaking “too white.” Well, I thought it was a cool historical thing. Back to the show.

First Years

Posted March 19, 2001

First Years Update 1:

So far, I am enjoying the show, although it is more like LA Law than Law and Order. In other words, it is more dramatic and gives more consideration to the personal lives of the characters. I also like that they spoke about Felony Murder a bit, as I just studied it in my criminal law class. It is back on. Gotta go.


Posted March 19, 2001

In 5 minutes the premiere of “First Years” is on. It is the new show on NBC about first year lawyers. The next in the line of law shows. I am going to watch it now while I clean my apt. I will post a review after it is over. Get psyched. (really, get psyched…now.)

I am back from break.

Posted March 19, 2001

I probably could have posted while I was gone, but I opted not to. More posting later but here is what I bought over break:

CDs (list in next post, many)
2 pairs shoes
1 pair jeans
3 shirts (1 long sleeve, 1 button down, 1 polo-esque)
Copper Press Magazine
Level Magazine (backorder, issue 5)
NYLON magazine
2 Concert Tickets (1. Starlight Mints/Blake Babies 2. Ultimate Fakebook/Promise Ring/Tahiti 80)
Meals (on occasion)
Film (approx. 8 rolls of varying speeds ranging from 400-1)
That is all, but it reminds me that I have a polaroid airport photo essay I will be posting in a couple days. Nothing special, just 9 pictures from airports, totally raw and unedited.

See you later.

Tonight, I was at WEEZER.

Posted March 10, 2001

It was so fantastic, and I will give you a full review tomorrow or soon or something. But I will note that I was in the third row of people by mid-weezer set. I don't know how I made it that far up, but I did. OK, sleep.

Facial Hair

Posted March 7, 2001

Can you name the last time we had a president with facial hair?

Do you think that people with facial hair are considered untrustworthy?

If you were the president would you want to have to shave every morning no matter what?

I could never be the president.

My website for class is done.

Posted March 6, 2001

I spent the better part of the evening tweaking it, but it is as close to perfect as it is going to get.

check it out. click.

Spring Break.

Posted March 5, 2001

It's monday and my last four posts or so have all been about the same length. I'm not sure why, but I am going to make this one longer just to spice things up, give it a little latin flavor.

Next week==>spring break. Lord am I excited. It starts on friday with WEEZER. I was going to go to the show on saturday as well, but I am going out of town instead. This is good for two reasons:

1. I will be in NYC and that is my favorite place to be.
2. I made $112.50 selling my two tickets to the WEEZER show on saturday
As mentioned, I will be in NYC next week. I can't wait to see my fam since I only see them a few times a year. I also can't wait to buy an absurd amount of CDs. Who can argue with that? Rambling completed.

New domain/canibalism

Posted March 3, 2001

So I am going to have a new site where this will be located, but not for a little while. It's going to be I think it's a fun little name, don't you? Yeah. I just saw Hannibal. It was a 6 because of a boring period of about 10 minutes and a poorly constructed ending, in the grand sense of the word.

Guster Site

Posted March 2, 2001

So I just found out that I am getting 300 hits a week at my guster site, and I have done no updating for about 6 months though. Nuts. As a result, I am going to redesign. Still, I am going to have to enlist help to keep it updated. So if you want to help, let me know. I have realized there is a lack of good guster sites out there, so why not do something about it.

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