So I was just looking at my stats for this page, and I noticed someone got to my site by searching for A-ha's "Take me on" on Google's German site. So a German person came to my site in search of an 80s song. They must have been sorely disappointed.

I went to two kick-arse concerts in the last two days. The first one was Richard Buckner w/ Sally Timms at Cafe Montmartre. That was such an unbelievable concert. RB was in peak form, although it wouldn't have mattered because his voice is pure heaven in all states. And Sally Timms was great/funny/everything. She also had John Langford there as her backup, which made her set quite memorable. Last night I did the indie rock thing and saw Hot Rod Circuit with John Brown Battery. There is nothing to say as HRC and JBB make my heart flutter.

In fact, I am going to go cry now because they are so good.