Ooh yes. Tonight was a lot of fun. I must say that everytime I go to a Push Stars show it is a pleasure. They are the nicest boys in the world. I mean that. Not to mention the fact that the show was just amazing. They were incredibly on this evening. Oh, and their new album is spectacular. It comes out on tuesday in record stores near you. They played a few songs at the show. My favorite new one is "waiting, watching, wishing," words can't describe. Oh, and you can get that song on their website. But the coolest part of the night, was when I got called up to sing the "Na na naaaa na na"s during "Minnesota." This is true. I went up and led the crowd and I got to sing into the mic with Chris. You know, when both our faces are right near the mic. I AM A ROCK STAR. But I digress.

So that was my entire night. This is probably my last post for a few days as I am going out of town on a Snowball. It is always a good time. Okay, time for me to pack. See ya doods.