So right now it is raining outside. I am at the library and I would really like to go home, but I don't think that is going to happen, unless I want to get soaked. So I think I will work on, oh I have nothing to work on here, since I forgot my zip disks. If I had remembered those then I would be fine, but I didn't, so here I am.

My teacher liked my design for the business card you see below. That is good since he will be grading it. I also really like it. He gave me a good idea though: to make to the 'o' in jacobs the same color as the circle. I think that idea is unstopular. I will be using it post haste. I now have to create letterhead and a resume. I think I'll crank those out tonight. I haven't done any normal homework lately, just stuff for my two design classes. I think it is because their homework is fun. I love fun homework.

So on Sunday morning I am leaving to go skiing with my dad in Park City, Utah. I'll be skiing at Deer Valley. I am excited because I have never taken this much time off of school, in college, at once. I am going to come back and be all disoriented, which is something to look forward to.

Well, I think the rain has subsided. Off I go.