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January 2001

This month I posted 16 entries.

Bits of Media Consumption

Posted January 31, 2001

I think I have been watching too much Law and Order. I don't know what gives me this idea but I am pretty sure of it. I will have to hold back for a little bit.

I just listened to some mp3s of the band Ozma and they rock. Rock. They are the first opener for Weezer on their upcoming tour. I am destined to buy their CDs. I will probably buy one before I get there. Mmmm, they are good.

So today I bought Playstation2, which is why I am going to cut this short. I need to try this sucker out. Here goes.


Posted January 31, 2001

I don't remember what I wrote, but I gots more stuff. I went to the library tonight and worked on my criminal justice homework. I hate to say this, but I actually enjoyed it. Call me crazy, but I did. Law school in my future? You never know, but I doubt it. Yeah, so I enjoy reading about cases and learning all the terms. Now there is a reason for this. It is so I can better watch the best non-comedy show on television: Law and Order. Oh, it is so good. If you don't know this already then talk to the hand my friend.

On another note, SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. Yeah, there needs to be more guestbook signing going on. I promise a personalized email if you sign the guestbook. I will write the letter myself with my own words. Honestly. But only if you sign the guestbook. Always a catch.

Sign it. That is all.

First things first.

Posted January 30, 2001

I need to make an addition to my top 10, sort of. I just realized The Push Stars album came out on last day of 1999. So that would make it eligable, in my mind, for my top 10. I would throw it in at #5, behind Cursive. Just so you know.

I had written more but it got lost. Damn. I'll write later.

It is late, as usual.

Posted January 30, 2001

I need to stop staying up this late. I'm also feeling unusually lonely tonight, which is probably why I am having trouble going to sleep. I don't know. Anyway, I am excited for tomorrow as tuesdays are really easy. I like easy. I hope you do too. I hope I get back to updating this more often and writing things that are worth reading. Well, I am going to hit the hay right now. See you tomorrow.

I win.

Posted January 29, 2001

I am trying to beat Jenny to updating my site. I just won.

Best of 2K

Posted January 29, 2001

Okay, so b/c I needed to create this for a 'zine I work with, I finally have my Best of 2K list. It is as follows...

1. Joe, Marc's Brother/Around the Year with Joe, Marc's Brother
2. Ashtray Babyhead/Radio
3. Cursive/Domestica
4. D'Angelo/Voodoo
5. Badly Drawn Boy/The Hour of Wilderbeast
6. Deltron 3030/Deltron 3030
7. Radiohead/Kid A
8. Dashboard Confessional/Swiss Army Romance
9. The Anniversary/Designing a Nervous Breakdown
10. Coldplay/Parachutes

Honorable Mention
Grandaddy/The Sophware Slump
The Sea and Cake/Oui
David Gray/White Ladder

So that is my list. I like it, do you?
So I need to get to work on a flyer. I'll keep you posted, get it? Yeah.


Posted January 27, 2001

Rudy is the best sappy movie ever. Football, heart, good clean fun.

O Brother, my classes.

Posted January 26, 2001

You will see it in my whim of the day, but you have to go see O Brother, Where Art Thou? It is just such a great film. Oh, and the songs in it are also amazing. Just go see it.

So I have finished my first week of school. I like my classes. Here is my!

Poli Sci 106 Comparative Politics
Poli Sci 452 Criminal Law and Justice
Life Science Communication 530 Print and Electronic Media Design
Life Science Communication 375 Web Design for the Sciences
Afro-American History 156 Black Music in American Cultural History
So I basically added one class, although I am going to audit it. That basically means that I take the class but I don't get a grade or anything, I just get to take the class. The nice thing is I can decide how much I would like to do in the class. I may not audit it though, who knows. Anyway, I am happy with what I gots. Everything is good. I have to design a flyer now though. So wish me luck. "Good luck!" Oh, thanks.

I'm back. Oh yes, I'm back.

Posted January 24, 2001

So school is good. I have no complaints. What wasn't good was Law and Order tonight. It was a new episode and I was pumped. I mean, how could I not be? The problem was the story started out boring, which is ok because it often does. Then it got good. Really good. I was excited. At this point it usually just keeps going up in quality, pushing the envelope. Not tonight. It seemed like the show was an hour and fifteen minutes long and they had to cut it down and got rid of key scenes. It was poorly done and made me sad. I'll be okay though because it's on three times a day on A&E. I don't know what I would do without it.

So my face is a lot better. There is no swelling, bruising or scabbing left. This is a good thing since I looked like Quasimoto (a note to readers: Quasimoto is very ugly). Take a look at a comparison:

Yeah, kinda similar. Anyway, I'm better now. Speaking of now, I am going to go do homework, now. Adios.

I'm guessing your sick of seeing these pictures.

Posted January 24, 2001

Luckily I am back and school and thus back in action. Action is good, so I am enjoying being in it. Classes started monday and things are working out nicely so far. My schedule is shaping up as I had hoped, more or less. The following is my current schedule:

Poli Sci 106 Comparative Politics
Poli Sci 452 Criminal Law and Justice
Life Science Communication 530 Print and Electronic Media Design
Afro-American History 156 Black Music in American Cultural History
I like what I have but I would like to replace the music course with something I need. Anyway, I need to run, but I'll post again this evening.

Bye bye home.

Posted January 18, 2001

I will be back at school tomorrow.. I have decided. Enough of this home stuff. So I spent the last few days up north in the U.P. skiing. It was great, except for the end. I jumped--high--and I fell--hard. Look.

I look great, don't I? Yeah, exactly. Hopefully things will improve. If you can come up with a better story then "I fell skiing," email me. Oh, and I already came up with the fight excuse, mascara accident gone wrong excuse and slaying the three headed dragon excuse. Good luck.

An observation

Posted January 10, 2001

Short men in their 50s who drive Lexuses are all accountants.

A new record for length between posts.

Posted January 9, 2001

It is break though, so give me a break. I think I deserve it.

Since I have yet to tell you, I am home. I have actually been quite busy. I'll give you then rundown of my last few days. I will number these days.

1. Friday. I returned from Hawaii in the morning (5am) and slept until 12pm (noon). I did nothing all day but relax. At night I went out with Justin, Ed, Max, Johanna and Jena for coffee at Kaffein. It was fun and really nice to see my friends. I came home around 2 and watched movies and then slept.

2. Saturday. I haven't the slightest clue what happened during the day. In the late afternoon and night I hung out with Ali. We ran some errands in the afternoon and then went to see improv at Improv Olympic, my favorite place for improv. Everytime I go there I laugh like crazy and think about joining an improv group. I think I could do it. I don't think it would be a career but I would have fun and make people laugh all at once. Afterwards we came back to my house and played scrabble and WE TIED. Yes, the board was full and there were no tiles in our little holders and the score was 255-255. It was amazing.

3. Sunday. I don't really remember Sunday either. But at night I went to Evanston with Justin to go see Jeremy. We hung out for a while and ended up watching Timecode. I thought it was a great flick. My friends thought it was worthless. So I warn you: if you are looking for an engaging plot, look anywhere but here. If you are looking for an incredibly unique filmmaking style, look here. Then I went home and Justin and I played NFL 2K1 until 4am. Then I went to sleep.

4. Monday. Then I overslept. I woke up at 3pm. I ate 'breakfast' and then I watched a movie on cable with my mom until 6pm. Then at 8pm I went to dinner with Ed, Justin, Max and Jeremy at Chili's. It was fine. It made me sick. I then went to Andy's house to play video games with Will and Elia (and Andy). Then I went to Elia's house to check out Madden 2001 on PS2 since he has one. I am kind of sort of jealous, I think. The game looked spectacular, but I still love my 2K1. Then sleep.

5. Tuesday (today). I woke at 7:20am and went to work. Today, tomorrow and Thursday I am working for my dad and helping him set up computers at work. They are putting in a new system. It occupies my time and I am getting paid. And now I am here. Whee.

Now I am going to go because my hands hurt. Bye.

Vacation Time

Posted January 3, 2001

So today I spent the better part of the day playing video games. So good. I informed my mother that when I get home all I will be doing is playing video games and watching movies. She did not like this idea but I will do as I please. MY vacation. To be honest, I won't be able to do only these two things. She doesn't have to worry.

I go home tomorrow. I have loved this trip but I am ready to enjoy the comfort of my own home. No one can argue with a familiar bed and a stocked fridge. NO ONE. I am into reiterating things. Okay, dinner time, everyone is yelling. Another reason that going home will be good. Talk to you later my friends.


Posted January 1, 2001

Oh, a couple more things. Tori Spelling is a tool. She walks around late at night and is always drunk/high, only at night though. My sister was in the bathroom with her and she was living in a toolbox. She was yeling out to her boyfriend from inside and just being generally stupid. Another thing: I had a second conversation with Dusty H.

Dusty: Is this your toast?
Me: Huh? Oh, no it isn't. Sorry.
Dusty: Hmm, alright.
Yeah, he loves me. The final thing is there are some celebrities sightings. Jada Pinket-Smith and Will (Smith) are here. There was another sighting but I forget. Oh well. One more thing: 440 different people have visited this site in a month and it has been looked at about twice as much. Danke. Now it's really time to sleep. bye.

Happy Boo Year!

Posted January 1, 2001


Happy 2G1! I never say that. People are always running around saying "happy new year" and I just don't feel the urge. Like most holidays, I feel like New Years is fairly arbitrary. Now I know what you're thinking: "Aribitrary?!? It has to be when it is because that's when the new year happens!" Yes, you are right. My point is, why do we celebrate it? Woohoo, a new year. I have a theory.

Holidays are for one of two reasons, or for both:
1. Recognizing Something
2. Somehow related to drinking--either recovering or the act itself
There is no other reason to have a holiday. If you can think of one let me know. So the point of this little thing is that I think New Years is silly. I know I am biased since I don't drink, but you shouldn't need a holiday just to drink. "I gotta get drunk, it's New Years!" I prefer, "It's Tuesday, let's get drunk!" In my opinion, they make equal sense.

Anyway, welcome to 2G1. I think it sounds cooler than 2000. 2001>2000. This is a fact and an opinion. Okay, I have been writing nonesense for the last 15 minutes. Now I will sleep. I'll post something more interesting, probably, tomorrow.

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