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December 2000

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Posted December 30, 2000


I think I have slightly calmed down about the celebrities, for now. Don't worry though, I'm sure I'll talk about them more later. I continue to do nothing, so why am I posting? i don't know. Bye.


Posted December 29, 2000


Okay, so here is a list of the celebrities [sic] here as of right now:

Dustin Hoffman*
Tori Spelling*
Vincent Young (the 'dark haired guy' with tori)*
Susan Sorandon [sic]
Jason Alexander
Tom Arnold*
Denise Richards
Michael Bolton*
Paul Molitor*
Robert Shapiro*
Patrick Muldoon
Tim Robbins

The ones with ateriks are people I have seen in person so there is no concrete proof about the others. There are definitely others I am forgetting since I am bad with remembering celebrity's names and I don't care anyway. The only one of all of these I really want to meet is Denise Richards. Not that anything would come of it, but you never know.

Denise: Oh, you're from the Chicago area too?
me: Well, yeah, north of chicago
Denise: Woh, that is awesome. Don't you just love the Cubs? They are so much better than the Sox.
me: Definitely! You wanna go upstairs to my room and watch some football?
Denise: Sure! Bring the slip'n'slide.

I don't see why this wouldn't happen. It is totally plausible. Don't you think so? Email me and let me know what you think about this whole celebrity phenomenon and if you think I am handling it well.

A conversation with Dustin Hoffman

Posted December 29, 2000


me: Hey, do you know who won the Sun Bowl? The one between UCLA and Wisconsin?
Dustin Hoffman: Huh?
me: The UCLA and UW game--do you know who won?
Dustin: Uh, I'm not sure, I know that UCLA was up.
me: Wasn't UW up 21-20 at one point?
Dustin: Yeah, you're right. I'm not sure how it ended.
me: Thanks.

A real conversation that happened a few hours ago.

Then just 10 minutes ago someone in our party runs down and says, "Tori Spelling is at the pool with the guy from 90210 with dark hair." I walked past her. Everyone around here is OBSESSED with celebreties. Well, maybe just our friends. It is really crazy. I am torn. It is really fucking cool that I talked to Dustin Hoffman but at the same time it isn't that big of a deal. He is just a guy who likes football as far as I'm concerned.

Verdict: This is really cool but not so cool I would go on the internet and broadcast it to everyone. (shit)

I love nothing

Posted December 28, 2000


My sister has a bathing suit on. I do not. This will all change soon as my sister puts on normal clothes. I have been eating like crazy since I have been here and I am loving it. I realized, if I'm not getting fat or feeling sluggish why should I stop eating yummy food like french toast, bacon and cheese omelettes, club sandwiches, lox, or anything else I may want. So until I get some pudge I will eat whatever food I would like.

One thing about this book I dig is how the main character/author always thinks about how a crazy thing might happen to him if he leaves someone alone or if someone has been gone to long. For instance, if my mom said she would be back in 30 minutes and she isn't back then I start to think that maybe there was some kind of an elaborate scheme by a horrible man, who had been watching her for months, to steal her while she is grabbing the mail and is quite vulnerable and then do horrible things to her. Everyone knows that she is fine and got stuck in traffic, but she could have been abducted. Although the odds of this happening are so small they aren't even worth mentioning. The point is that he mentions this line of thinking in his book many times in regards to his brother who he is raising since his parents both died of cancer. By the way, they book is "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius," in case you missed the title way before when I mentioned it. Go read it.

Life has not changed here. Although it has been pretty cloudy lately. Uh oh, I gotta go. I gotta go do nothing.


Posted December 27, 2000


Man, this is a good book. AND it helped me to figure out what I am going to write my column on for the next emmie. It is going to be an article on the future of music, except it will be humorous, I hope. It is going to be something about how we will eat music and then vomit to hear it. Something weird like that, although I doubt I will use that idea. I'll let ya know when it is finished.

So ya know when you're reading a book and it's so good it bothers you there are only a hundred pages left. You love the characters so much and you want to spend time with them and hang out. This book is presenting this problem. I think I will be okay though. Hopefully there is good closure at the end of the book. Again, I'll let ya know.

Okay, I'm watching me, myself and Irene now. Bye bye.

homelessness and celebrities

Posted December 27, 2000


Sorry about that. I started writing at 5:53pm and had to leave at 6:00pm. It was not enough time, so here I am. I need to explain more about the homeless man. So we were sitting there and this slightly overweight, older, gray-haired, bearded man walked through the restaurant and just started waving to everyone. He waved, walked past and went into the bathroom. It was weird, but amazing at the same time. I don't think I could ever handle being homeless. If I had to I would manage, but it just seems like such a hard lifestyle. And there are people who chose to live this life. I have read interviews about these people. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

But back to the trip. So after dinner we went to sleep and then got on a plane to hawaii. It was a relatively pleasant trip but they were playing "The Replacements," which was worthless. I watched it though, of course. So when we finally got here the first thing we did was order room service. Club sandwich. Wonderful. Then we went outside to check out the scene. We found out that Dustin Hoffman and Michael Bolton were staying here when we saw them playing beach volleyball against each other. Who would ever think that would happen? I wouldn't, but I saw it. Dusty seems like a nice guy though. Oh, and today I saw Paul Molitor (baseball), the head of Warner Brothers Records and Robert Shapiro (OJ's lawyer). There are others from what I hear, but I haven't seen them yet. I digress. That evening we went to the buffet in the hotel. It was good but nothing to get excited about. Then sleep. We rented Feris Bueler but fell asleep 15 minutes into it. ("We" is me and my sister)

So that's about all. Tonight we went to some city 45 minutes away (TOO far away) for dinner. It was good, but not worth the distance. Now I am going to sleep since I am quite sleepy. On that note, I will post again when I have time and feel like it, but I make no promises. I am in a beautiful place and will not be sitting crouched in front of a computer for very much time at all. Sabadoo.

beautiful secenery

Posted December 26, 2000

A note to start: I will be posting the current time at the beginning of each post while away from home.

It is really really warm here. I love that it is a 90 degree swing from home. It is so crazy. Oh, and it's also beautiful here. The air is clean, the water is wet and the smoothies are tasty. Our hotel is beautiful and I never want to leave. (Yes I do) Even though everything else is amazing, the highlight of the hotel is the showers. It is great presure and there is more than enough room to move around. Actually, I think it is the whole bathroom that I like. It is spacious and well designed. I could live in this bathroom I think. Cooking would be difficult, but I would manage. Anyway, as I said, the hotel rocks. I will post some pictures when I get around to it.

Life here has been good too. I continue to read my book, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius," by Dave Eggers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I spent most of the day working on that. Oh, but back to yesterday and Sunday. On Sunday we were in San Fran and we just went to dinner and then took off. It was good. The best part was when a homeless man walked by and said hello. It was nice. Then we slept, got another plane and left...

Shoot, I have to go. The post will be finished this evening.


Posted December 24, 2000

This shall be last post in the midwest until 5am on January 5th, 2G1. The fam is finishing their packing in preparation for a 1:45 departure from our house. I think we're all ready to skeedaddle into a world of daquaris and tiny umbrellas made of paper and toothpicks. Although we're stopping in San Fran tonight since we couldn't get a direct flight. Have I mentioned where we're going? If not we're going to Hawaii. Maui to be exact. It is going to be a ton of fun and a lot of nothing. I can't wait. I think you have now realized my fascination with nothing. Now you shouldn't get me wrong, I love something and I do it all the time. In fact, when I'm doing nothing I am still doing something, it's just that it doesn't matter. The real key is responsibility. No Responsibility==Nothing. With that in mind I shall leave my 'puter behind and begin eating in preparation for this grueling journey. Wish me luck as I don't know if my yoke is going to hold up for the whole trip.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Omlette

Posted December 23, 2000

So I just got back from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the new movie by Ang Lee. It was nothing short of amazing. Expect to see that somewhere on my Top 10 list for 2k. Today was relaxing for the most part. I did some more shopping and then I went to Sarki's. It is this tiny restaurant that serves amazing breakfast type food. It is a little hole in the wall. Everytime I go I get a bacon and cheese omelette and disaster sausage (This may sound a little gross, but just trust me. So I got that and it was all good.

Time to pack up for my trip tomorrow. I am pumped to go. It will be utter relaxation. I can't wait.

Level and k10k

Posted December 23, 2000

So I realized I haven't really been giving thorough, interesting posts lately and I appologize. Whenever I am home I get sucked into actually being busy. How ironic is that? I finish the semester and then I am busy. I don't get it. I think it is because all the things I have to do is busy work, running around, nothing of much subtance. So now here I am trying to post something that is worthwhile.

Today I bought this magazine called Level and is fantastic. As the website will show you, it is now defunct. I buy a magazine, LOVE it, and then the magazine is actually gone. The site will give you some idea of the content. They do hint at releaing future issues, but it is still frustrating that there are no future plans. I will give a better update on the mag latter on sometime.

Another thing that came from this is another cool website, k10k, which is a design site. Very nice. I found out about it from Jenny and Level. Go check this puppy out. Now I am going to play video games for real.

Vacation Preparation

Posted December 23, 2000

Wow, This is definitely the longest I've gone without a post. Oh well. I've been busy shopping, going to the doctor, getting a haircut, seeing friends (Justin, Jena, Johanna, the Js) and all the regular fun stuff. Now I am going to bed and on Sunday I am going to Hawaii. I am very excited. My biggest saga was yesterday when I realized I had left the correct plug for my dreamcast in madison so I couldn't play. I threw a minor fit and came somewhat close to driving back. Instead I bought another one today. It all worked out. Oh, I also got Shenmue. It rocks and I am excited to get into it. I hope I can bring the thing to H-town. I know, "how could i play video games while i'm in hawaii?" The sun goes down eventually and I play video games to relax. It is theraputic. In fact, I am going to play them now before I sleep.

Today was a nice day at home.

Posted December 20, 2000

I slept til 1 and then went to pick up my sister from school (she was sick). Then I showered, relaxed and hung with my friend Jo all day. We ran errands and what have you. I got Tony Hawk 2 for Dreamcast, returned a gift (a wallet), bought a new shoulder bag, nalgene bottle and socks. A good day over all. It's really nice to see all my old friends.

Oh, back to a past mention: ya know how I said I hate when tissue boxes run out like that? I used the WHOLE THING, not just half of it. Go snot. Speaking of words starting with sno, I am going sleeding this weekend. I can't wait! I was supposed to go with friends at school but I had work to do. Stupid work. But all work is gone, Ha Ha!

"I'll be back in a month, don't worry," said Work.
"Whatever, it's a month away dude. By that time I'll want to do you."
"You say that now, but you just wait."
He has a point. Anyway, time to eat some din din.

New Monitor

Posted December 20, 2000

It is late and I am up, but now I am writing on MY computer, not my sister's. WHEE! I haven't mentioned this yet but I got a new monitor and it's huge. 19". And I have it set to 1280x1024, which is a lot of room on a page. A real lot. I still have to play with the colors though b/c the whites are a bit bright for me and typing is slightly blinding. I didn't need my eyes anyway. And if you're curious it's a Viewsonic PF790. Tomorrow I will hang with Johanna. She is my friend and we will have fun. Now I will go to sleep.

I am home. HOME home.

Posted December 20, 2000

I know there wasn't much prior warning but I was busy getting things done so I could go home. I actually am quite happy to be back; it is comforting. It will be nice to do nothing tomorrow. As I've mentioned before. I love nothing. Speaking of nothing, I am going to go do that now. Adios Muchachos!


Posted December 18, 2000

When you buy a box of tissues you think, "This is a lot of tissues! It is going to take me months to use these up! I don't think I'll need tissues until next year." Then you get sick. I have used up half of my tissue box in 36 hours. Where does all the snot come from? "Your nose." Yes, I know, my nose, but where does it come from? I mean, it has to be created somewhere? It is a lot frickin' snot, ya know? Anyway, now that I've grossed you out, I will get back to my takehome.


Posted December 18, 2000

So I just tried to post and accidentally signed out. I am pissed off about this. I lost a post forever. I will try to recreate it. Actually, I will just paraphrase.

My NyQuil is still working after 12 hours, that is too long. I hate being groggy. So I have finished two sit down finals and one take home and I have one of each left. I will be done tomorrow though and I can't wait. Home is wonderful. I get to sit around and do nothing and hang with the fam. I love nothing.

"A toast to nothing!" (in unison) "To Nothing!"

Okay, so I am going to go do some laundry now. Laundry is necessary so I will do it. Bye bye bye.

Birthdays in Common

Posted December 17, 2000

Okay, so I just checked this out as a procrastination device: the following are famous people who share my birthday:

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Anthony Michael Hall
Pete Rose
I thought it would be more than that, but it's not. The first two are good ones though. I should give them a call and be like, "Oh My God! We have the same birthday!! Maybe we're twins? I love you." I think that they would respond well. They would come back with, "Yes, yes we are. (click)" Ah love celebrities. Here is a link to the full list, but these are the three that I noticed.

It. Is. 9. Am.

Posted December 17, 2000

It. Is. Sunday. I am awake. This is not fun. Ah finals, how I loathe thee. But I must forage on! Onward!

Some Stuff.

Posted December 16, 2000

It's been a while since I have posted. Over 24 hours in fact. Today was a day of procrastination and studying combined. There were some high points for sure. The day started with procrastination as I overslept. I didn't really start studying until around 4 or so, when I went over to Jordy's house to study for a takehome final. I think I'm going to be good for that. Now onto the evening, the source of the two high points.

1. I went to study at my friend Kristin's house for my comp sci final tomorrow morning. It was not very productive but it was more than I would have gotten done on my own. I have to say I had fun with her roommates though. I had good talks about porn, books and movies. And I watched a wonderful SNL celebrity jeopardy. It was a good time despite minimal productivity.

2. When I got home there was a girl parked in my spot. She moved and then her friend was walking back to get her purse and she talks to me. She's like, "Sorry, yeah, sorry, thanks for moving yer car." She's from Wisconsin. I told her it was nothin'. Then she told me about how she worked at bar and they made her start drinking at "3 tonight." NOTE: This happened an hour ago. So she is either a SUPER lush and has been drinking since last night at 3 or she is just stupid and calls 3 in the afternoon, tonight. I vote for #2 based on her next comment. "What's yer major?" "Film and Poli Sci." "Wow? Really? It's my 3rd year and I'm still undecided." I think you vote for #2 also. "Ok, so, um, have fun studying and stuff. Nice meeting you. WOOHHHH! (she slipped on the ice, but didn't fall) Ha ha, see yas." "Have fun tonight. (snicker, but quietly)" So it was overall an amusing encounter. I'm going to have a little contest and see if anyone can guess what she was wearing. Email me with your answer. I will spread the truth tomorrow around this same time.

So that was my evening. Now I am going to keep studying for my comp sci final tomorrow at 10am. Peas out.

Today is tonight.

Posted December 15, 2000

This means I have to get crackin' and do some serious studying now. I am going to the library to take care of that. Two days in a row, I think this is a record for me. Congratulate me if you'd like. Or don't.

Evil Dictator.

Posted December 15, 2000

Here is a sweet link. This site can guess what kind of evil dictator or sitcom character you are. Yes, you chose an evil dictator or sitcom character and with yes or no questions it will determine who you are. I have yet to be stumped! Just be honest and unless your person is really really obscure, then it WILL know who you are. And pick sitcom CHARACTER, not the actor. Have fun.

NOTE: The site is running really slow today. It is better other days.

I'm a Cadet.

Posted December 15, 2000

I actually did a bit of studying tonight, fancy that. I realized tonight that although my friends rok, I need to diversify. Granted, I already have friends all over the place, I would like to have more. I like meeting new people. I digress.

BIG NEWS: It is official. As of today, I am the college rep in Madison for Capitol Records. I am actually officially a cadet, not an intern or rep. "Cadet? That's the stupidest name EVER!" Agreed, but it means the position is paid instead of volunteer. So yes, I will be a cadet if it means money. I will NOT wear any kind of hat or apron though. I refuse to stoop that low. So anyway, this position should be great experience and I should be able to do a good amount of networking, "shmoozing," if you will. This job is great though. I mean, I get paid for getting a bunch of cool music and sharing it with other people. Who can complain with that?

Go carts. Another thing people can't complain about. Not individual go carts, but the general idea of go carts. No one can complain.

A conversation I just had.

Posted December 14, 2000

Dreamcast: Matt, come play me. Please.
Me: No, I can't. I have to study.
Dreamcast: Just one game. Please?
Me: NO! I'm sorry, I just can't. If you were animate you'd understand. I have two more finals and two take-homes all due before tuesday. Just let me be.
[long pause]
Dreamcast: Matt? One game of NFL 2K1?
Me: Damnit Dreamcast! NO! NO! NO! I am going to the library.
Dreamcast: Fine, whatever, have fun not playing me.

I should stop daydreaming about arguments with dreamcast and just go to the library.

So today was fine.

Posted December 14, 2000

On to the interesting tidbit of the day. Elizabeth IMed me and asked, "is yours?" I of course answer "no." She tells me to look at it, so I do. When I get there I see my links section DIRECTLY copied onto this person's page. They didn't change anything about it except the fact that is on their page (and looks horrible). It is a very weird site that doesn't appear to be updated much, but I think this is just odd. If you'd like, go over and check it out so you can agree with me and be confused. I would be happy to entertain any possible suggestions.

Adventures in Scanning

Posted December 14, 2000

Finding Forrester

Posted December 14, 2000

The movie, Finding Forester, appears to be an exact replica of Good Will Hunting, except for the fact that it is literature instead of math. I don't know how I feel about this. I guess I don't mind but there is still something that doesn't sit right with me. I can't decide if it is Hollywood that bugs me or society that bugs me. I think it is both. Hollywood puts out the same sh*t everytime because they know that the mainstream will eat it up (and don't get me wrong, I am often a part of this group), and the mainstream does. So Hollywood makes money.

Screenwriter: I want to do a movie about a boy who is having trouble growing up.
Fat Cat: Hmm. How about if the kid is a genius and his parents die, but then he finds a special teacher who gives him tough love and teaches him to cope and be amazing.
Screenwriter: That isn't what I was thinking.
Fat Cat: We'll pay you $500k.
Screenwriter: OK.
Then again, if the mainstream rejected this just because there was no significant effort, we would be ok. But we don't. So then it is back in Hollywood's hand to do something.

I guess the real answer is that capitalism won't allow for anything else. They can't make the good movies if they don't make the profitable movies. I would also put some blame on the government since we have little plans to help art film directors finance films, unlike many foreign film markets. I think this would aide the development of new film styles and genres. Anyway, this whole capitalism thing is not the best system, although I don't think any other available systems are any better. If you have one that is better, shoot me an email.

Al Gore is on TV.

Posted December 13, 2000

In case you haven’t heard, which would mean you’re in a hole, he conceded today and is giving his concession speech. I really wish he had won but I guess you can’t get everything you want. I think he is less robot that most people think. In fact, I definitely like him. I also wish he won because I would have loved to see a Jew as the Vice-President. This would be a first for Jewish Americans and it would have been really nice. I wonder how many people didn’t vote for Gore because of Lieberman? Hmm.

Gore is done talking. Bush will be on at 9pm central. I will also watch that. Until then I will write my paper.

A new day is upon us.

Posted December 13, 2000

As a result I will continue on like I normally do. Today my blog writing music is the Beta Band. This is good music because it is chill and peaceful and lets me blog the way it was meant to be done. (ed: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?)

So today is a day of work and work and work. Now I am going to the office to write up some contracts for two concerts. Go me. Then I have to write two papers. I am sick of this "school" thing, when is it over again? Oh well. Time for me to skeedaddle.

An Alley in Cairo

Posted December 13, 2000

An alley in Cairo.
An alley in Cairo.

Mike Levy, Sledding

Posted December 12, 2000

I just bought this CD, Mike Levy, that you see in the 'whim of the day' section. I think it is wonderful. Really wonderful in fact. CMJ said it sounds like Elliott Smith, Ben Folds Five, Harry Nilsson and his old band, The Sneetches. I would definitely agree with the first two but I don't know about the other two. Ah well. Nonetheless, if you like piano pop, buy this.

Today was very blah. The weather is still brutal since it was well under 0 with the windchill and there is snow everywhere. I kind of liked it, except the part when I had to walk approx. a mile to class. I did not like that part, but the rest of it I did. I am going sledding on Friday and I cannot contain my excitement. I really hope it actually happens. Really.


Me Page

Posted December 12, 2000

I have thoroughly update the "me page." Give it a look-see and tell me what you think.

Willy and Conan

Posted December 12, 2000

I find that the only person I can relate to tonight is William Shatner and Conan O'Brien. They are the only people I know who are up at 3.30am. I haven't been asleep before 3am in so long I can't remember. Is this normal? I don't think so.

William Shatner has written 19 books. I have written zero. In fact, I have written so much less than one book it is laughable. I don't like writing poetry. I feel funny mostly because I could never imagine myself saying the words in a typical poem. I think my definition of poem is a little to strict. This is my idea of a poem:

Lips red like fire
point me to unbridled fantasy,
Eyes that leave nothing to be desired...
wait, that is porn, let me try again...
My fingers twich
as I play the orange hued violin of love.
Okay, so I am being a tool about this. Point is, I can't be sensuous in poetry and mean it. I don't know if it's that I'm not sensuous or that I don't like expressing it on paper/screen/whatever. I think it's the latter but you can be the judge of that. I am going to try and write more and study less. Perfect timing because finals are coming up. I probably won't write though because my inspiration rarely comes through in words. Then again I am sitting here writing this entry. Oh, someone else just signed on to IM: my roommate from last year who is in ITALY where it is about 10am. He is online at a normal time. Why am I here now? If I just went to bed at 1 and woke up at, say, 10, I could go online in the morning and afternoon and function like a normal human being.

Wired Magazine is a wonderful magazine. I love it. I think I will continue writing my biography so that I can attract women who live a minimum of 1000.miles away who I will see once or twice in person.

Writing is Writing

Posted December 12, 2000

I probably should be writing my paper, but instead I'm writing a blog. Today I had my first final and it went well. The first question was crazy but the rest was fine. On to the movies...I went to see Vetical Limit on the UltraScreen, which is a massive screen 3 stories high, and it was amazing. The best action movie I've seen in a while. There was nonstop suspense. I loved it. I think I might go to bed and finish writing tomorrow. I just can't write tonight. I'll do one thing and then go to bed. Yes. I am indecisive. I am done talking. typing. whatever.

Rabinical Tunnels

Posted December 11, 2000

A room in the Rabincal Tunnels near the Western Wall.
A room in the Rabinical Tunnels near the Western Wall.

New Guestbook

Posted December 11, 2000


The Grinch

Posted December 10, 2000

The Grinch has made $200 million in it's first four weeks. I contributed $7.50 to this amount. It was worth it.

A wall in a bazaar in Cairo.

Posted December 10, 2000

A wall in a bazaar in Cairo.
A wall in a bazaar in Cairo.

You love me.

Posted December 10, 2000

The me section is now partially up. Yee. Haw.

Requiem for a Dream

Posted December 10, 2000

Here are a stream of words to describe Requiem for a Dream: disturbing. sickening. wonderful. scary. engaging. nauseating. disturbing. smart. important. amazing. beautiful. loud. enveloping. disturbing.

I recommend you go see it if you like to be disturbed. Not scared, but disturbed. It is an in-your-face look at the life of drug addicts and not like Drug Store Cowboy, Kids or Trainspotting, but much more real. You knew that there were lives like this that lacked glamour and beautiful women doing drug in a posh apartment in NYC or London or Silicon Valley. For all these reasons, I really liked this movie. I think that it should be screened in every health class in every high school across the country. EVERYONE would think twice before getting into drugs.

I just realized that this was the first movie that really let you understand what goes through a junkie's head. This is something I cannot explain because you didn't see the movie (or you did and I need not explain). The moral of this tale is that this is a thought provoking, frightening perfect film.

Nighttime in Cairo

Posted December 9, 2000

Nighttime in Cairo.
Nighttime in Cairo.

Western Wall

Posted December 9, 2000

A Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
A Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The first in a series of new pictures being posted.


Posted December 8, 2000

I am working on a computer program right now and I don't think I'm going to finish. I have until midnight (8 hours away), but I still don't think I'm going to. And that's without ever leaving. What the hell? This sucks if you ask me. Well, I am going to keep going and hopefully I'll get enough done by midnight. I am tired right now. Ho hum.

I can't wait for midnight though, then my week of hell will be over and I can become hygenic again (not wearing the same clothes, shaving, shower regularly). Sometimes it is fun to be lazy, but not when you have to stress out when you leave lazyland. Okay, I should stop stalling now. This weekend I hope to see Requiem for a Dream and Vertical Limit.

Requiem for a Dream's website is amazing. AMAZING.
Go there, now. And NOW I'll go do my program.

Long time no type little blog.

Posted December 8, 2000

so i am finally catching up with school work, but tomorrow is going to be hell. ALL day in the comp lab. ALL DAY. it's okay though because I am done with school a week from tuesday. Alright, I want to finish this so I can catch some shut eye so I can wake up and do this mofo.
note: the word mofo should never be used more than once a month. just trust me.

I'm the hot ticket.

Posted December 6, 2000

This is what the spark has to say about me.

Upstanding, selfless, gentle. To all those girls out there who like nice guys, you're the perfect man. To everyone else, you're an amusing dweeb. Therefore, you are probably single.

Let us let you in on a little secret--you might have problems now, but once you get older and girls have grown tired of jerks and gigolos, you'll be a hot ticket. Take solace in this fact, if you haven't already found your pink princess. Either way, you need to get more practice in the sack, or your special someone will leave you for the pizza-boy.

You're a guy who's not afraid of commitment or self-sacrifice, but don't let people walk all over you. Hang on to yourself. It's quite possible you'll lose your heart to someone more selfish--she'll take and take and take, and one day you'll find all that's left is your skeleton and a few toenails.

I think that is relatively fair. All you girls...I'm the hot ticket.


Posted December 6, 2000

What do you think of the name INKHORN for a indie powerpop band? Personally, I think it would be better suited for a rockin' metal band, but I am still curious. Opinions?

It is early.

Posted December 6, 2000

I am up to do work. I NEED to do work. So I will now eat my frosted flakes in a silent rage (or with the tv on, one of the two).

quick note

Posted December 6, 2000

I had no real content yesterday. wow. I am writing. Life is good even though I am behind in ALL my work. That is not good. Okay, I'm going to continue writing my paper now. This post was worthless.


Posted December 5, 2000

This is an image taken from the website soulbath.
It's some cool [explative].

Netscape sucks. Period.

Posted December 4, 2000

I have looked at my webpage through 4 different browsers: IE, Opera, and mozilla. It looked the way it should in the other three, but not at all in netscape. Oy. (note: I am such a geek)

My paper and Bill.

Posted December 4, 2000

I am now about to end days worth of procrastination and get crackin' on a paper. But before I do, I implore you to go to adcritic and see this hillarious bill clinton video. It is actually him in it and he is incredibly entertaining. Do yourself a favor and GO NOW. You won't regret it.

I would like to thank moria for sending me this link. thanks moria.


Posted December 4, 2000

Even though I have her linked down below, I would like to give my friend Jenny a shoutout now. She is my design partner and bandmate. She is much more gifted in design than myself. I recommend you shoot over to her site and check it out. Yeah.


Posted December 3, 2000

I am so happy because everyone is telling me how much they enjoyed ashtray babyhead. they did rock hard. Here's an example of people explaining their rocking.

And Ashtray Babyhead rocks so hard I can barely even
handle it -- I know you wodies feel what I'm sayin'.

Steve S. Sleeve

Steve always has a way of putting things. Oh, and his band is good too.

In contrast, I wish I was as good at doing my homework as I was at working on my websites. Ah, why isn't there a new media design major here? I do not know, but I wish there was. Time to read.

Home Alone Rules

Posted December 3, 2000

I know this argument is rarely made, but I am now about to support the movie Home Alone. It is on HBO right now and I am enjoying it way too much. I'm sorry, but this movie is good-hearted fun, in every way. I mean, every little kid dreams of having a house all to themselves. I know I did. Macaully Culkin is every eight year old's hero. I would like to specifically point to the scene when he is jumping on his parents' bed and eating popcorn simultaneously. Now I could do this today but it is the idea of doing it on your parents' bed that is so appealing. Pure brilliance.

And of course his ability to fool the villians throughout the final scenes of the film is wonderful. Even today I would like to be able to do this. You can't say you don't fantasize about tricking robbers with booby traps and the like (obviously not every day, but on occcasion). I would like to say that this movie is great fun and recommended for every holiday, even Arbor Day.

Oh. My. God.

Posted December 3, 2000

Oh. My. God. That was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long long time. Cesto was good, which was a plus since I had never heard them. Ashtraybabyhead put on a ROCKING set and blew away everyone, myself included. And Superdrag did not disappoint either. I had a rockin good time AND the ashtray boys are way too frickin’ nice. It must be that southern mentality (from Little Rock). Everyone else was cool but these boys were especially cool. And will and lauren and smitha rule too. I’m way overtired. bye.

Guest Post.

Posted December 2, 2000

Hi, this is a guest post from Will.

yeah. this is me. you don't know me, at least I hope you don't, otherwise, I might be scared. so, let me introduce myself, so that you may know me and I won't be scared. I'm Will. infamous? no. famous? no. not really anything. but I am a teenage dirtbag baby. and now that I am finally here, I am ready to go to a concert. so goodnight. suck it.
So that is Will. Okay. time to play. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sellling Out

Posted December 2, 2000

So I was at Karl's Corner at and there is currently a raging debate about whether or not Weezer are sellouts. This all stems from their recent tour sponsorship from Yahoo.

I have developed an opinion about selling out in general. So long as you are not compromising your music for money then you are not selling out. You need money to live. So if someone is offering you money for your talents then take it! There are of course exceptions, like if the company is killing the environment or testing bulletproof vests on babies, but for the most part this is f i n e. If I do something well, I want to get paid.

To be honest, I don't even mind if you're in it for the money so long as you know that and your fans know that. Like the Backstreet Boys. They are corporate whores and they know it, their record company knows it, the public knows it, my mom knows it. So who cares? Who are they hurting? No one. Still, if Weezer changed their name to the Emotion Kids and wore black ribbed turtleneck sweaters all the time, then I would be upset, since they are just changing their image to be marketable.

So long live BSB and long live Weezer.

Now to be fair...

Posted December 2, 2000

Will called me about 30 minutes after I left a message, so it's all good. No harm no foul. Now I should really get to reading...


Posted December 2, 2000

Okay, so my friend Will who is in town is supposed to be at my house around now, BUT he's with his girlfriend. Last time he was here I couldn't see him because he was with his girlfriend. And, knowing her, I'm sure it was mostly her doing. I don't think she has anything against me, but she is in no way sympathetic to me. She is the kind of person who throws tantrums to get attention, and it works. So if Will leaves when she is "angry" then he has to deal with that but he knows that if he doesn't leave I will not be as mad as she will. So it is partially his fault, but still, I think the whole thing sucks. I just want to hang with my best friend. That's all. Am I asking to much?

Good morning.

Posted December 2, 2000

Clean up my apartment. Please?

Music for the masses.

Posted December 2, 2000

After yet another 4 hour session of playing with my webpage…I am now going to read. Before that, I will now promote a show we are having here tomorrow (since I put it together). Come to Union South in Madison, WI and see superdrag, ashtray babyhead, and cesto. It is going to be one rocking show and it’s free. Tomorrow will also be cool because my best friend will is going to be here for it. Okay, time for sleeping.

Oh, look at the photos section, i set it up.

Double Barg.

Posted December 1, 2000

Damn me for seeing that movie. Not only did I waste two hours of studying time but I wasted two hours of my life. Cecil B. Demented is a horrid, horrid film. The acting was horrible, the dialogue was stupid, the sound was off cue, and the plot made no sense. I hereby give this my least favorite movie award. Save yourself and NEVER SEE THIS MOVIE.


Posted December 1, 2000

why do I avoid homework like the plague? I chose my majors, why don't I want to study for my classes? I don't know, but now I'm going to see Cecil B. Demented. I wish I was seeing Unbreakable, but this will do for now.

The spirit of Weezer.

Posted December 1, 2000

If you like weezer, you’re cool. For these cool people, go here to get their new song, “The Christmas Song,” from their unofficial website. It’s good too.

Good morning.

Posted December 1, 2000

Good morning. Go to and check it out. It is phat and a half. I have one class today and then I am going to do work work work. Willy (best friend) is coming in tonight so I have to get my sheit done. Ok, time for me to skeedaddle and get in the shower.

Yeah, I lied. Sue me.

Posted December 1, 2000

I stayed up tweeking the page and my redirect page. Oh well. It is FIVE now though, so I am going to go to sleep immediately. I haven't stayed up this late working on nonsense for SOOO long. It is refreshing.
I'll "blogg" more in the morning.


Posted December 1, 2000

OK, it's 3am. I have been working on this since 11pm. Sleep.

The Beginning.

Posted December 1, 2000

This is my very first post to my new website. Matty's Playground v3.0. My third revamp and I think it is safe to say that this is the best one. Here's the first one and the second one. I don't even think the images are up from the first one. You'll See! I spent way too long on this so I am going to bed now. I want to thank Elizabeth though b/c she led me to blogger, which is a very convenient website. bye.

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