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Real Toy, Augmented Reality

Posted April 5, 2011

Dentsu London and Berg are developing Suwappu, a set of toy woodland creatures that create signposts for an augmented reality. When you view the creatures through a tablet or phone, you see a new world spring up around them. Enough explaining; let’s just watch it in action (skip to 2’36” to learn more about how it works).

I also really enjoyed the video for Helicopter Taxi, an iPhone game where kids can see a helicopter on their screen, floating above everything. When they put the phone down, it can pick up passengers.

It seems like AR has found a home in toys. While I do think there will be apps that are incredibly useful for adults once they become seamless — building them into glasses or contacts and displaying contextual information when I want it — we’re starting to find real value today. Of course, it is weird that we are creating a fantasy land for kids instead of letting it live in their imagination, but they’ll let us know what they think with their (parents’) pocketbooks.

[Suwappu via @chrisfahey, Helicopter Taxi via Andy Budd]

Remembering That Guy

Posted November 12, 2009

When all of the augmented reality apps started shipping for the iPhone, I started thinking of the most useful applications of the concept. While it's entertaining to see subway stations all around you, I have a harder time remembering people.

I want an app where you can hold your iPhone up and point it at a group of people, it will recognize the faces of those in your contacts list (iPhoto already has facial recognition) and show their names. You would also be able to go back and look at previously taken photos to see who is in them for a reminder. And maybe, in some future world where privacy concerns aren't an issue, I'd be able to see the names of friends of friends with links to some of their profiles on the web.

Writing this, I remembered I thought of something similar for DVDs. Then I found this Nokia video below (via Nick Bilton) that shows something pretty similar to the app I want. I do like Nokia, but it's funny they're calling this the technology of 2015 when we could probably do this today.

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