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Word of Goo for iPad is $1 Today

If you don’t own it, buy it now. Seriously. Your hourly rate is $100/hr, which means the minute you spent reading this is worth more than the game itself. BUY. IT. So good.

Analysis: World of Goo's iPad Launch

2DBoy, the creator of the fantastic game World of Goo, discuss their learnings after releasing the game for the iPad. It was first released, to much critical acclaim, two years ago, which makes this an interesting case. Impressively, they sold 125k copies in the first month, more than any 31 day period on Steam or WiiWare.

While the story is interesting, especially for game developers, this last snippet is a real keeper.

What makes this even more amazing is that this is a two year old game released on a platform that is less than a year old. The iPad doesn’t have the benefit of an install base built up over several years.

It’s crazy to think that despite the number of consoles out there for Wii and Xbox that the iPad is able to drive results like this. I’m not yet sure if Apple has made a fantastic gaming platform or if they realized that convenience is more important than a big screen for most gamers.

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