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A Floating Soccer Pitch

A small Thai island had very little land, but the kids wanted to play soccer. So, they built a floating one. They got good and started competing against other teams.

While the story is awesome, the reenactment is better. I’m not sure if these kids are actors, but I don’t care. They are having so much fun and you can’t help but smile.


What a Great Day

Posted November 4, 2008

Illustration by Patrick Moberg

Yes, I am in paradise, but I'm also pretty pumped about my man Obama.

What's surprised me is how pumped everyone in Thailand is about this election. Every time I hopped in a cab and they asked in broken English where I'm from, the first response to "New York City" is always "Barack Obama!" Oftentimes, they'd go on and talk to me about who has more foreign policy experience or if America can really elect a Black President. Sure, the US elections affect everyone, but it's amazing how knowledgeable my cab drivers have been.

Anyway, with this election seeming pretty much wrapped up, I'm going to go hang on the beach.

I Done Got Hitched

Posted October 31, 2008

Well, we did it. After five years of dating, Jori and I tied the knot last weekend. Everything was amazing and it's definitely the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. It's crazy to think that after a year of planning we'll finally get to come up for some air.

We couldn't have had more fun, but the weekend was slightly bittersweet. My Uncle Mike and Ted, who I'm very close with and oftentimes consider friends first, almost didn't make it. They weren't sick or out of town on business, but had an existential dilemma. While they fully supported my union with Jori, they didn't have the same support for our marriage. After celebrating thirty-two years together, they still can't be married in our state and in most states in the US. I'm elated they decided to join us, but I would prefer to have gone to their wedding. Hopefully, if enough Californians vote no on Prop 8, we'll be one step closer.

Now we're off to celebrate the next step in our lives with a trip to Thailand. We'll be in Bangkok, Ko Lanta (close-ish to Phuket) and Chiang Mai over the next two weeks. Posting here will be even more non-existant than usual, but I might try to squeeze in a post or two if inspiration strikes.

See ya'll on the other side.

Update: Anil showed me up! His post on marriage is way more thoughtful than mine. I guess that's what three years of marriage gets you. Happy anniversary Anil and Alaina!

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