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Woody Allen's Son Graduated College at 15, is Very Impressive

I was reading Pat’s Papers this morning when I discovered this fact. Ronan Farrow started at Bard College at 11 and was then accepted to Yale’s Law School at 16, but deferred admission to work with UNICEF and Richard Holbrooke. Wikipedia explains his post-law school accolades.

In 2008, Farrow was awarded Refugees International’s McCall-Pierpaoli Humanitarian Award, for “extraordinary service to refugees and displaced people.” In 2009, he was named by New York Magazine as their “New Activist” of the year and included on their list of individuals “on the verge of changing their worlds.” In 2010, Harper’s Bazaar named him their “up-and-coming politician” of the year.

On November 19, 2011, he was named an American Rhodes Scholars-elect for 2012.

That’s pretty fucking humbling.

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