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What's Wrong with Jawbone's UP

Co.Design decrees that the Jawbone UP is a failure. Their primary complaint is the lack of integration with your phone, which seems like a big flaw. While Bluetooth would be a big drain on the battery, it’d be fine so long as it lasted for a couple days.

It’s also a problem that affects the Fitbit, a device I’ve been wanting for a while. I think it’s something I could get over.

My biggest issue with the UP is that you have to wear it as a bracelet. If I was going to do this, I’d want to have it on all the time, and that makes its current form impractical. On the other hand, as the author of the article points out, having it out in the open has some benefits.

[T]he UP band itself is a subtle bit of smart UX design. Seeing it on your wrist constantly is like a mnemonic device reminding you to make better choices. When wearing it, I found that the simple fact of making that visible commitment to being healthier did, in fact, make me think more about every choice I made.

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