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Di Fara: Rant and Response

By many, Di Fara is considered the holy grail of pizza. Girl Slice disagrees. Strongly.

  1. Why is it so smoky in there? When I have visited Di Fara, there are times that my eyes have burned so much that I was crying… from pain and unhappiness, not from deliciousness. Eating at Di Fara is like eating in a coal mine.

She goes on to explain that the pizza is “…often burned, the sauce can be bland, and worst of all, it’s way too oily.”

I skew closer to holy grail than coal mine, but Girl Slice has a point — waiting over an hour for a sometimes-burnt pie with no guarantee of seating is typically not worth the effort. I’d go to Best Pizza or Totonno’s ahead of Di Fara any day.

All You Need to Know About Di Fara, 2009

If you're looking to visit one of the top pizzerias in NYC, you must read this guide. And it's funny! Kudos, Adam.

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