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Paradigm Studio 40s

On Monday I finally received my new speakers and I am truly jubilant. After I had set them up I sat down and popped in a couple DVDs to check out how they sound in action. After playing with Mulholland Drive for a while, with wonderful results, I popped in my recently rented copy of Metropolis and was pleased that it offered DTS sound. When I started the movie the "powered by DTS" intro came up. You know the one, where the CD flies at the screen with sound coming from all around you and then explodes. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically the same as the THX intro at the movies. Point is, it was ridiculously good. I played it for Nelly and Timmy and they both agreed it was at least as good as going to the movies.

Man, this was a great purchase. Good speakers are the work of God. If you love movies and music, they are pure heaven. Thank you Paradigm.