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NYC Subways

This review will be ongoing and I'll post it to the main blog when it's finished. Here are my reviews of the current subway lines in NYC.

N R Q W: This line is probably the worst I've dealt with so far, but is also the one I ride the most. The train is rarely on time and has caused me to miss a few ferries. Oh, and down south the tracks are all messed up and require the train to crawl.

1 2 3 9 : These trains, for the most part, are good. The lines are smooth and quick and the trains are only really busy at peak hours. Unfortunately, it's late night service is more or less nonexistant. The N & R are better. Oh, and the 2 line has some of the new cars, that I'll talk about later.

L : My favorite line so far. Brand new trains that are beautiful, clean and informative (lit up maps and audible announcements). And it brings me right to Williamsburg, which is an area I really like.

4 5 6 : About the same as the 1239, just on the East side. It doesn't help me much though as I rarely go uptown. More reports later.


tip: put le tigre's "my metrocard" on a tape and listen to it as you rock the third rail. woot.