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Rating: of 10

Rye Coalition, Bad Wizards, All Night

This show was pretty darn good. Here are my reviews of the band, in chronological order.

All Night was surprisingly good. This has a double meaning because I was first surprised when they took the stage. When I read "All Night" in the ad, I thought it was refering to the length of the party, since it was a late show and all. So when they came on, I was a bit embarassed. Thanfully, they were a lot of fun to watch. It was a psychedelic rock kind of thing, and they were rocking completely effortlessly. No ego, no forced humor, just good rock and roll. I bought their album.

The Bad Wizards were a bit of a dissapointment. They were supposed to be bigger and better than All Night, but I didn't think it was true. Everything right about All Night was wrong about these guys. Thankfully they only played for 20 minutes.

Rye Coaltion rocked my fucking socks off. They were just so tight and so energetic and so good. It was just horrible that there were only about 50 people there by the time they got on (12:30am) and 1/50th of them were sleeping. Only 1/5th of the people were making any noise after they finished a song. Very sad. If there had been a really good crowd this could have been the best show of all time. Even without one, they may have been the best live show I've seen all year.