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Mike Errico

I love seeing Mike Errico. He reminds me that seeing a good folk-rock singer-songwriter dude is usually a really good experience. I like the banter/music combo, so long as both are entertaining. Mike is very entertaining.

The best part about the show was the "holiday show" part. Every year Mike has a holiday show where he gives out "omens." These are little gifts that have a meaning. It will give you insight into the upcoming year. I got a frisbee from Yahoo! and I don't know what to think about that. It's certainly much better than the two guys in my group who got books on how to "mack women" and "women's best-kept secrets." I would hate for that to be a telling gift. The best gift was the doctor set that Jori got. Mike signed it with a very crude message. He he.

After the show I was able to speak to Mike for a bit, which was nice. He remembered me from all our encounters and the few promotional things I've done for him. He's definitely a good person. I'm excited to get a hold of his next studio album, whenever it arrives.

Oh, the music was really good too.


Jealous, jealous, jealous. Next time you see your buddy Mike, bully him into coming to Boston again.