Capn Design

Rating: of 10


Brief: A fun racing game that glamourizes accidents.

Long(ish): The most important thing is that the races are challenging enough to keep you busy for a week. It's also nice that the graphics and physics are quite good. The problem I have is the way they deal with accidents. I like that when you hit cars you have to stop and start again, because most games gloss over that to keep things exciting. The weird thing is that it keeps a tally of how much damage you have caused (in dollar amounts) but you aren't rewarded for this in any way. In fact, it would be impossible to finish races if you focused only crashes. So although the game is fun and watching crashes in slo-mo is entertaining, Burnout really avoids the one thing that is original about the game.

So check it out if you like arcade-style racing games, but it definitely has its flaws.