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Rating: of 10

Y Tu Mamá También

Warning: This movie is wonderful and there's lots of sex. So, if you're averse to great films or graphic nudity then this isn't for you. If you fit the bill, look forward to a really engaging story of two Mexican teens living it up in this coming-of-age story. Although the story is wonderful, there were a couple things I noticed.

First, the sex and nudity in this movie is totally unglamorous. Unlike Hollywood, there is no sultry music or chiaroscuro lighting. All you'll find is buck naked people doing their thing. It's incredibly refreshing because a lot of sex doesn't have background music or art directors. It lends the film more authenticity.

The other point is regarding all of voice-overs. I have no problem with the style employed, but I am curious about their narrative purpose. Oftentimes they helped move along the plot, but occasionally it would give an obscure fact about the city or the characters that didn't seem to fit. I wonder if speaking Spanish or knowing Mexican culture would have helped to determine what the director's intentions. It seems I'll have to just guess until I become fluent.

So I really liked this movie, especially because it was a very voyeuristic experience. I don't live like these boys and I am generally unfamiliar with Mexican youth culture. It is highly recommended.


i saw this movie with my mom. awkward? not at all.